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SLAC physicists Natalia Toro and Philip Schuster win DOE’s prestigious E.O. Lawrence Awards
Detecting new particles around black holes with gravitational waves
Probing Conjugation and Parity Symmetry with Entangled Double-strange Baryons
Dramatic last year of CERN’s flagship LEP collider
Higgs10: Three-quarters of way there
Physicist gets rare staff position at CERN atom smasher
Device hoping to answer ultimate existential questions
Large Hadron Collider restarts
CMS measures mass of top quark with unparalleled accuracy
Phase transitions in early universe and their signals
Photon-photon interactions in Standard Model and beyond: New research unit at JGU granted DFG funding
Particle mass measurement not in line with Standard Model
Researchers Contribute to CDF Collaboration at Fermilab on Most Precise Ever Measurement of W Boson Mass that Tests Standard Model
New W boson measurement deviates from Standard Model
Why 400 Scientists Are Abuzz About W Boson
CDF collaboration at Fermilab announces most precise ever measurement of W boson mass to be
ATLAS strengthens its search for supersymmetry
MoEDAL gets new detector
ATLAS nets top quark produced together with photon
ATLAS seeks out unusual signatures of long-lived particles
Largest matter-antimatter asymmetry observed
Particle physicists at UCL awarded £4.3 million
Homing in on Higgs boson interaction with charm quark
Lancaster awarded £2.9M for particle physics research
New simulations refine axion mass, refocusing dark matter search
ATLAS and CMS chase invisible with Higgs boson
Research sheds light on axion dark matter
New upper limit on mass of neutrinos
CERN fellow wins Buchalter Cosmology Prize
Black hole behind cosmic ring of dust
What’s inside black hole? U-M physicist uses quantum computing, machine learning to find out
Future gravitational wave detector in space could uncover secrets of Universe
Research describes challenges and opportunities for detection of high-frequency gravitational waves
Protons are probably actually smaller than long thought
Too many disk galaxies than theory allows
Harnessing strongest magnetic fields in universe could reveal elusive particle
Crunching multiverse to solve two physics puzzles at once
ATLAS gives new insight into internal structure of proton
Doctors’ Senate Awards honors, in its 25th edition, research study on Parkinson’s disease
Matter-antimatter symmetry and antimatter gravity studied at once
Matter and antimatter seem to respond equally to gravity
BASE breaks new ground in matter-antimatter comparisons
Amplified signal and extreme sensitivity: on trail of light dark matter particles
Physics group gets funding to keep probing unknown
CMS homes in on Higgs boson’s lifetime
Canadian researchers achieve first quantum simulation of baryons
American Physical Society honors nine with MIT ties for physics research
A new experiment has dashed hopes of an undiscovered particle