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Early Universe’s Unexplored Phase Transition Discovered
W boson turns 40
Three Dimensions in Time and Space
LHCb brings leptons into line
Italian Lab Hunts for Signs of Quantum Gravity Underground
ATLAS moves into top gear for Run 3
UWA researchers awarded $8 million in Federal funding
ATLAS measures Higgs boson’s mass width
First Run 3 physics result by CMS
World’s first optical atomic clock with highly charged ions
Seven with MIT ties receive awards from American Physical Society
LHCb’s new VELO springs into action
Anomalous magnetic moment of muon – new conundrum comes to light
Most Precise Accounting Yet of Dark Energy and Dark Matter
10 years PRISMA Cluster of Excellence at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz
SLAC physicist wins American Physical Society early career award
Physicists play key role in new measurement relating Higgs boson to dark matter
Pitt, Swansea physicists find signs of pentaquark states, new matter
Higgs10: inventing future of Higgs research
Signs of disturbance in nearby dwarf galaxies indicate alternative gravity theory
No trace of dark matter halos
Using Quantum Technology to Constrain New Particles
Higgs10: Ten things we’ve learned about Higgs boson in past ten years
$3.8M NSF grant begins new era of early universe research
ATLAS measures joint polarisation of carriers of weak force
CMS measures rare particle decay with high precision
Reflecting on revolutionary discovery
World’s largest particle accelerator surges back to life with record-breaking run
What Comes After Higgs
Ten years since discovery of Higgs boson
ATLAS and CMS release results of most comprehensive studies yet of Higgs boson’s properties
Higgs particle turns ten
After three years: start of first particle collisions at unprecedented energies at LHC
Novel Atomic Device to Search for Exotic Physical Interactions at Submillimeter Range
LHC Run 3: physics at record energy starts tomorrow
Higgs boson, ten years after its discovery
10 years later: FSU physicist explains impact of Higgs boson discovery
3 Questions: Marking 10th anniversary of Higgs boson discovery
Physicists confront neutron lifetime puzzle
Searching for matter-antimatter asymmetry with Higgs boson
SLAC physicists Natalia Toro and Philip Schuster win DOE’s prestigious E.O. Lawrence Awards
Detecting new particles around black holes with gravitational waves
Probing Conjugation and Parity Symmetry with Entangled Double-strange Baryons
Dramatic last year of CERN’s flagship LEP collider
Higgs10: Three-quarters of way there
Physicist gets rare staff position at CERN atom smasher
Device hoping to answer ultimate existential questions
Large Hadron Collider restarts