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Brain and spine fluid proteomics may hold Alzheimer’s clues
Stanford path-planning algorithm enables autonomous multi-drone aerial surveys of Antarctic penguin colonies
Researchers link poor memory to attention lapses and media multitasking
Online publication examines French stage during Enlightenment and French Revolution
Despite COVID-19 risks, older people experience higher emotional well-being than younger adults
Stanford education scholar on California’s Proposition 16 and evolution of affirmative action
A new analysis reveals that accessible and affordable healthcare could be a key tool for addressing climate crisis
Accessible healthcare could be key to solving climate crisis, according to Stanford researchers and others
Researchers reveal U.S. corn crop’s growing sensitivity to drought
Autonomous boats could be your next ride
Party sorting to blame for political stalemate, says Stanford political scientist
Liver Cancer Diagnoses and Deaths Impacted by Geography and Household Income
Good environmental policy requires understanding people
Stanford releases annual financial results for investment return, endowment 23 October
Stanford materials scientists borrow solar panel tech to create new ultrahigh-res OLED display
New era of radiation therapy to fight cancer
Hot-button words trigger conservatives and liberals differently
Berkeley Lab Building Efficiency Campaign Drives $95M in Annual Energy Savings
Past contested elections resolved in ways that might not work now, says Stanford historian
IOP Publishing’s virtual International Quantum 2020 conference starts today
Trial aims to extend remission for patients with mantle cell lymphoma
Gel instrumental in 3D bioprinting biological tissues
New Test Can Target and Capture Most Lethal Cells in Fatal Brain Cancer
Researchers help Belize plan for sustainable, nature-based development to create more economic resilience amid
Amsterdam coalition publishes special AI edition in New Scientist
Astrophysicist France Córdova to deliver UCLA’s Luskin Lecture for Thought Leadership
Astrophysicist France Córdova to deliver UCLA’s Luskin Lecture for Thought Leadership
9 things to know about election polling data, according to Stanford pollster David Brady
NASA Astronaut Kate Rubins, Crewmates Arrive Safely at Space Station
Stanford’s Dan Reicher on new agreement on U.S. hydropower and river conservation
Seven Los Alamos scientists and engineers honored as 2020 Laboratory Fellows
UW’s Tahmasebi Receives International 2020 Arie van Weelden Award
Economists Paul Milgrom and Robert Wilson win Nobel in economic sciences
Researchers look into effects of repeated droughts on different kinds of forests
Struggling Sea Lions May Benefit from UCSF Neuroscience Research
Hongkai Zhao: Creating Efficient Algorithms for Science and Engineering Applications
Researcher finds that our most culturally significant birds live in habitats most
New facilities push advanced materials boundaries
Three from MIT receive National Health Institute Awards
Increasing Diversity in Academia is Aim of New Alliance with National Science Foundation
UCLA to lead statewide coalition to address COVID-19’s impact on communities at risk
Scientists find evidence of exotic state of matter in candidate material for quantum computers
LLNL team solves 100-year-old metallurgy puzzle
LLNL to provide supercomputing resources to universities selected by NNSA Advanced Simulation and Computing program
Berkeley Lab Technologies Honored With 7 R&D 100 Awards
Researchers find pattern in whale songs that predicts migration
Using wearable technology to prevent kidney stones
Stanford University, Chan Zuckerberg Biohub launch low-cost COVID-19 testing and surveillance platform