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Researchers develop tool to drastically speed up study of enzymes
Novel Imaging Agent Identifies Biomarker for Iron-Targeted Cancer Therapies
World-Renowned Experts in Optical Communications, Photodetection and Light Trapping to Headline 2021 OSA Advanced Photonics Congress
Road to 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics has been long and winding one, says Stanford sociologist
Lincoln Laboratory convenes top network scientists for Graph Exploitation Symposium
Summer CIS programs foster diversity, community
Research reveals transcendental meditation reduces emotional stress and improves academics
How can we weather climate change? Invest in youth environmental education
LLNL and collaborators improve electrochemical reactor performance through 3D printing
Cleaner air has boosted U.S. corn and soybean yields, research shows
Team makes finals in Amazon’s Alexa Prize for artificial intelligence
Scientists discover how high-energy electrons strengthen magnetic fields
Researchers use high-speed cameras to reveal bubbles popping like blooming flowers
Research reveals why second dose of COVID-19 vaccine shouldn’t be skipped
U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan has encouraged Taliban to stake their future on battlefield, Stanford scholar says
Experts in Environmental and Remote Sensing and Quantum Photonics Among Plenary Speakers for OSA Optical Sensors and Sensing
High temperatures increase workers’ injury risk, whether they’re outdoors or inside
Common COVID-19 Antibiotic No More Effective Than Placebo
Space Health Institute Awards Four Postdoctoral Fellowships
Nominations of EPFL professors 16 July
Using migration data to fine-tune marketing strategies to rural Indian communities
International team of scientists turns methane into methanol at room temperature
UW Medicine joins new NIH effort on rare genetic conditions
Unconventional superconductor acts part of promising quantum computing platform
Chemical reactions break free from energy barriers using flyby trajectories
Scientists take first snapshots of ultrafast switching in quantum electronic device
Antihypertension drug may help patients with noncancerous brain tumors affecting hearing
Study finds physicians are widely effective messengers of Covid-19 information
Watching subsurface defects as they move
Racial disparities in police officers’ tone of voice can undermine trust
Impairments found in neurons derived from people with schizophrenia and genetic mutation
Engineer s design an accurate wearable calorie burn counter
Software to accelerate R&D
Researchers map how sea-level rise adaptation strategies impact economies and floodwaters
A redundant modular network supports proper brain communication
Picture a Scientist panel sheds light on gender bias in scientific community
Researchers show sea-level rise may worsen existing Bay Area inequities
SLAC hosts Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm for a virtual visit
First study of nickelate’s magnetism finds a strong kinship with cuprate superconductors
A detailed study of nickelate’s magnetism finds a strong kinship with cuprate superconductors
Scientists develop a new geometry for a neutron source platform for NIF
Longest known continuous record of Paleozoic discovered in Yukon wilderness
How plants compensate symbiotic microbes
How NIF inspired groundbreaking 3D metal-printing technology
Stanford ecologists develop a theory about how plants ‘pay’ their microbes
Researchers offer practical tips to mitigate harm from wildfire smoke
Researcher launches group to help detect hidden biases in AI systems
Three-in-one approach boosts silencing power of CRISPR