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CU Boulder receives $1.1 million in EPA grants to reduce public exposure to wildland fire smoke
Solar System’s fastest-orbiting asteroid discovered
Wildfire smoke exposure during pregnancy increases preterm birth risk, Stanford study finds
Talented 12: Chemical & Engineering News announces its 2021 rising stars in chemistry
New clinical trial at OHSU tests donated antibodies
University of Toronto moves up one spot to 22nd globally in latest Shanghai university rankings
This Exotic Particle Had an Out-of-Body Experience; These Scientists Took Picture of It
Renowned anthropologist and filmmaker joins CDU
2021 Frontiers in Optics and Laser Science Conference Transitions to an All-Virtual Event
Researchers receive $5.4M to advance quantum science
NIH-funded study suggests single skills-based session on pain management packs punch
Researchers Develop Novel NIR-II Phosphorescent Imaging Strategy
Leap in understanding
Touted as clean, ‘blue’ hydrogen may be worse than gas, coal
CRISPR gene editing technology and multi-university collaboration lead to important new insights about hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
Touted as clean, ‘blue’ hydrogen may be worse than gas or coal
Engineer s develop algorithm to aid kidney transplant exchanges
Fast, accurate system for quickly solving stubborn RNA structures from pond scum, SARS-CoV-2 virus and more
Researchers use artificial intelligence to unlock extreme weather mysteries
Researchers develop better way to track methane in skies
Supporting neurodiverse workforce
Investment in youth environmental education key to addressing climate change
First-in-class histone deacetylase inhibitor gel reveals promise for treatment of patients with basal cell carcinoma
Survey suggests climate change has reduced presence of invasive Argentine ants
Toxin sponges may protect poisonous frogs and birds from their own poisons
Poison Frogs, Birds, Hold Clues to Antidotes for Deadly Toxins
Scientists show single catalyst can perform first step of turning CO2 into fuel in two very different ways
Global warming increased U.S. crop insurance losses by $27 billion in 27 years, Stanford study finds
Statements on Swearing in of Margaret Vo Schaus as NASA CFO
Can AI make democracy fairer?
NSF grant kicks off Center for Adapting Flaws into Features
Democracies provide stronger universal health coverage than autocracies
Study links Cryptic transcription, novel phenomenon in mammalian stem cells, to aging
Cryptic transcription in mammalian stem cells linked to aging
Researchers find gaps in clinical trial data sharing
First detection of light echoes from behind black hole
Giant friction experiment at Kilauea volcano
Astroophysicists report first detection of light from behind black hole
Scientists test friction laws in collapsing crater of an erupting volcano
Helping new mums sleep better without medication
Heart failure diagnoses may be missed in primary care setting for women, Black adults
U.S. President Biden Announces Eight Nominees to Serve as U.S. Attorneys
Researchers develop tool to drastically speed up study of enzymes
Novel Imaging Agent Identifies Biomarker for Iron-Targeted Cancer Therapies
World-Renowned Experts in Optical Communications, Photodetection and Light Trapping to Headline 2021 OSA Advanced Photonics Congress
Road to 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics has been long and winding one, says Stanford sociologist
Lincoln Laboratory convenes top network scientists for Graph Exploitation Symposium
Summer CIS programs foster diversity, community