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More rain and less snow means increased flood risk, Stanford study reveals
Researchers study fungal diversity and its relationship to future of forests
Setting fires to avoid fires: Stanford study outlines approaches to enable more prescribed burns
Researchers propose ‘Human Screenome Project’ to study impacts and promises of digital media
Analyzing DNA in soil could be an effective way of tracking animals, Stanford researchers find
Value of occupational licensing dims in online world, Stanford researcher says
U.S. and Iran must walk away from binding rhetoric to de-escalate conflict, Stanford scholar says
Saying hello to OY/YO at Cantor Arts Center
Stanford engineers have taught a driverless DeLorean to drift through a race course with precision of a human driver
Is marshmallow test still valid?
Getting a read on low literacy scores from a Stanford education scholar
Researchers uncover silent cost of school shootings
In a war perceived as just, many Americans excuse soldiers who commit war crimes, Stanford scholar finds
Reduced soil tilling helps both soils and yields, Stanford researchers find
Stanford University reports FY 2019 financial results
Global carbon emissions growth slows, but hits record high
Superconductivity Theory Under Attack
Search results not biased along party lines, Stanford scholars find
Stanford, UMass Amherst develop algorithms that train AI to avoid specific misbehaviors
Researchers study motherly poison frogs to understand maternal brain
Researchers find no ‘magnet effect’ when states extend public health insurance to immigrants
Breaking CO2 faster, cheaper, and more efficiently
Researchers explore how citizens can become agents of environmental change
Researchers lay out first genetic history of Rome
Scientists link Neanderthal extinction to human diseases
Sex and gender analysis improves science, Stanford scholars say
Stanford poll reveals that Californians are unwilling to subsidize wildfire prevention
Researchers find rice yields plummet and arsenic rises in future climate-soil scenarios
Stanford increasing access to 3D modeling through touch-based display
Anderson Collection at Stanford University announces acquisition of two major works by Pollock, de Kooning
Researchers help tomato plants repel pathogens with a ‘vaccine’ to boost their chemical defense systems
Walter G. Vincenti, engineer who helped make supersonic flight possible, dead at 102
Researchers develop a stress test to separate tough bacteria from tender
VPR Distinguished Lecture to focus on process of rapid evolution
Young children have intuitions of great teachers, Stanford researchers find
When it comes to teaching science, culture and language matter, Stanford education scholar says
Interactive map developed by Stanford researchers shows nature’s contributions to people
Stanford University announces collaboration with Sundance Institute New Frontier Lab Programs designed to heighten creative visibility in underrepresented sectors
Researchers identify proteins in archaea that could help gauge ancient ocean temperatures
Stanford chemist develop ‘infrared vision’ for cancer immunotherapy
Stanford psychologists show leading with flavor encourages healthy eating
Stanford releases annual financial results for investment return, endowment
Researchers have developed a gel-like fluid to prevent wildfires
Researchers discuss changes to Endangered Species Act
Researchers find lead in turmeric
School poverty – not racial composition – limits educational opportunity, according to new research at Stanford
New incubator to fuel life science innovation in Stanford Research Park
New route to carbon-neutral fuels from carbon dioxide discovered by Stanford-DTU team