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MNGS Outperforms Microbiological Tests to Diagnose BSI
Responding to ethical issues in genetics research
Researcher profile: Professor Dianne Nicol
$382M for 200 Groundbreaking Medical Research Projects
ALS: New Immune Pathway Discovered
Fungal Spores Take Over Lung Cells
Iron intake during pregnancy may impact neurodevelopment
Mutation of Desmoplakin Gene Leads to ACM
Vitamin B5 May Boost RBC Production in MDS Patients
Researcher Aims to Break World Record by Living Underwater 100 Days
Herpes Virus Outsmarts Adult Leukemia: Study
Vici grant to help Patricia Dankers turn dreams into reality
Stem Cell Transplant Restores Immune System: Process Found
Reference Epigenome Maps Wheat Embryo Transcription, Chromatin Reprogramming
Cell Lines Advance iPSC Research
Brain Organoids Respond to Visual Stimuli in Adult Rats
How to rewind clock on arthritic cartilage
Cells Use Mechanics to Blend into Existing Tissues: Study
New ‘Life From All Angles’ video highlights Lance Lian’s stem cell research
Cell Markers Reveal Muscle Aging, Frailty and Senescence
Epigenetic, Immunotherapy Combo Effective in Mantle Cell Lymphoma
Targeting menin induces responses in acute leukemias with KMT2A rearrangements or NPM1 mutations
Using human iPS cells, researchers identify genetic variant that causes ALS in some patients
Regenerative Engineering Marks 10-Year Anniversary
Call is out for volunteers to be part of spinal cord injury project
Fetal Therapy Offers Hope for Patients with Rare Genetic Disorders
Researchers Find Treatment Options for Patients Whose Blood Cancer Relapses After CAR-T
Beta cell whisperer gene
Stem cell protein facilitates relapse of pediatric brain tumors
New research suggests nose picking could increase risk for Alzheimer’s and dementia
CAPITAL: major advance in single-cell RNA data analysis
Can resilience be learned? Study reveals that prior stressful events can help build resilience
Short telomeres impede germ cell specification by upregulating MAPK and TGFβ signaling
Glucocorticoid and glycolysis inhibitors cooperatively abrogate acute graft-versus-host disease
$156 million to support innovative medical research
Dual-targeting CAR NK cells can prevent cell dysfunction and tumor escape
HKUST Holds Sixth Inauguration Ceremony of Named Professorships
ATAGI recommend Covid vaccination for some children aged 6 months to under 5 years
Immunotherapy Reduces Lung and Liver Fibrosis in Mice
NIH researchers develop gene therapy for rare ciliopathy
MHRA launches new conflicts of interest code of practice for independent advisors
Study finds tiny brain area controls work for rewards
Immunocompromised children under 5 now eligible for Covid vaccine
New therapeutic prospect for preeclampsia
New myeloma research centre launches at Imperial
Monitoring gene activities in living cells
Researchers to develop scaffolding for nerve regeneration with $2.14M NIH grant
For Older Patients with Blood Cancer Taking Multiple Medications, New Tool Links Use of Certain Medications to Risk of Frailty