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Developing cancer therapies with stem cells
Researchers on a mission to fight deadly childhood cancer
Researchers find how intestinal wall folds by measuring forces
Success for Adelaide-led medical research
Two studies by CU Cancer Center researchers explore link between inflammation and leukemia
In a Dish, a Mouse, Crafted From Stem Cells, Begins to Form
Precision-medicine approach turns up novel drug combination for aggressive leukemias
A new concept stent that suppresses adverse effects with cells
Novel risk score for predicting blood cancer relapse
Age-related stem cell dysfunction linked to eye-color gene
Research provides a roadmap to HIV eradication via stem cell therapy
AI spots healthy stem cells quickly and accurately
It’s True: Stress Does Turn Hair Gray
Study uncovers major breakthrough in understanding and treating respiratory inflammation
New international guidelines for stem cell research
Lowering cost of heart cell therapies
How do developing spinal cords choose ‘heads’ or ‘tails’?
Exposure to pollutants, increased free-radical damage speeds up aging
Researchers discover how intestinal epithelium folds and moves by measuring forces
National roundtable to bring together experts to set future priorities for RNA science and research
Novel interactions between proteins that help in recovering from brain injury
Analysis reveals origins of a leukemia that straddles diagnostic categories
Start-stop System of Hunting Immune Cells
Children’s Miracle Network awards grants to UC Davis Children’s Hospital for 2021-2023
Predicting resistance to anticancer drugs
Stem cells may hold a key to developing new vaccines against COVID-19
Main gland in hormonal system ages due to process that can potentially be slowed down
Cancer cells fight for their footing by using an ageing gene
Compounds derived from hops show promise as treatment for common liver disease
Five VP&S Teams Awarded Vagelos Precision Medicine Grants
A Frozen Leap Forward
Hair follicles heal blisters at personal cost
Understanding what drives a liver cell to be a liver cell and not another cell type
Researchers Uncover New Regulatory Mechanism for Skin Hair Regeneration Capacity
A new mechanism behind continuous stem cell activity in plants
Avocados and Leukemia: Fruit May Offer Better Treatment
Tara Srinivas: Examining causes of a rare neurodevelopmental condition
A simple model of development reveals shapes of cell lineages and links to regeneration
SLAS Technology June special issue on 3D cell culture
Researchers make fundamental advance in understanding T cell immunity
Genetic base editing treats sickle cell disease in mice
Scientists ID Potential Treatment Approaches for Muscle Loss in Myotonic Dystrophy
Discovery of new type of stem cells leads to $2.3 million grant
How Brown neuroscientists are using CRISPR to accelerate brain research – and more
Better implant device may ease therapy for Type 1 diabetes
How is genome like an open book? New research shows cells’ ‘library system’
New study paves way to novel treatment for Triple Negative Breast Cancer
Tick Tock in Brain: Scientists Provide Molecular Insights into Primate Hippocampal Aging