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Controlling Insects with Radiation: IAEA Guide
Biocentis to Create Genetic Tech to Combat Harmful Insects
IAEA-CARICOM Framework Focuses on Strengthening Cooperation in Caribbean
IAEA at COP27: New Report Shows How Nuclear Technology Supports Climate Change Adaptation in Africa
IAEA Showcases South-South Cooperation Successes at Bangkok Conference
Argentina and Chile Deter Costly Fruit Fly Outbreaks with Help of Nuclear Technology
CRISPR-based tech targets global crop pest
CRISPR-based technology targets global crop pest
Nuclear technology helps Mexico eradicate invasive insect pest
Nuclear Technique Helps Mexico Eradicate Invasive Insect Pest Outbreak Threatening Farmers’ Livelihoods
Averting Fruit Fly Emergency in Mexico with Nuclear Technique
CRP Success Mosquito Handling, Transport, Release and Male Trapping Methods
Mosquitoes Defeated in Cuba Trial with Nuclear Technique
Industry welcomes $87.2M investment to implement Ag Visa
New Mediterranean Fruit Fly Facility in Mexico to Keep Insect Pests at Bay and Save Fruit Production and Exports
Nuclear Science Helps to Adapt to Climate Change, COP26 Participants Hear
Director General of Nuklear Malaysia: Committed to Nuclear Science and Helping Others
New technology designed to genetically control disease-spreading mosquitoes
Study shows effectiveness of suppressing female fruit flies
Sterilizing skeeters
Researchers are first to create sterile male mosquitoes using CRISPER/Cas9
FAO and IAEA deepen and broaden their collaboration
Sterile insects to combat Qfly
World Food Day 2020: IAEA & FAO’s Joint Work Benefits Farmers and Increases Food Security Worldwide
Sterile fruit flies contribute to reduction in Queensland fruit fly population
Study Could Lead to Power Over ‘Man Eater’
Drone Test Yields Breakthrough for Use of Nuclear Technique to Fight Mosquitoes – IAEA Study
A nose for trouble
Sexy sterile flies soon to hit NSW and Victorian skies