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Reproductive control of Indigenous women continues around world, say survivors and researchers
Disinfectant mechanism of nano-sized electrostatic atomized water particles on Covid
Safety and Security at Forefront of Next Week’s Conference on Radioactive Sources
Scientists Find Key Role of Singlet Oxygen in Synergistic Antimicrobial Mechanism
Seeking COVID’s Kryptonite
Exploring Novel Slow-release Organic Copper Fungicides
Concerns with UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Visit to People’s Republic of China
Apology for sterilizing HIV-positive women, moment of ‘reproductive justice’
New survey illustrates challenges linked to healthcare environmental hygiene in facilities worldwide
Permanent birth control methods for women have up to 6% failure rates
Researchers report integrated robot system for ultrasound-guided prostate percutaneous intervention
Permanent birth control methods for women have up to six%failure rates
Solar nanowire-nanotube filter offers easy access to clean water
Solar-powered UV water treatment could improve health outcomes in rural Tanzania
Non-hormonal pill could soon expand men’s birth control options
Simple diagnostic tool for gastrointestinal disorders
Tubal ligation half as likely for moms who deliver at Catholic hospitals
Solar-powered system offers route to inexpensive desalination
Researchers evaluate safety of popular method of sterilization
Researcher explores perceptions of disability in post-revolutionary Mexico
Journal highlights Lab testing of 3D-printed Covid nasal swabs
Bolivia and Paraguay to Enhance Nuclear Security at New Irradiation Facilities
New Mediterranean Fruit Fly Facility in Mexico to Keep Insect Pests at Bay and Save Fruit Production and Exports
Sandia Labs wins seven R&D 100 Awards and two specialty honors
AI and Genome Sequencing Beat Humans at Outbreak Detection
AI and genomic surveillance combine to detect health care infectious disease outbreaks
Iran death penalty threat for abortion unlawful: UN rights experts
Repeal “crippling” new anti-abortion law – UN experts: Iran
Pregnancy experts call for Medicaid policy change
Discriminatory postpartum sterilization regulations for low-income patients
Remote high-voltage sensor unveiled at Sandia gamma ray lab
Researchers confirm how to decontaminate and reuse masks during Covid pandemic
USF invention addresses worldwide mask shortage and pollution concerns
Czech Republic should intensify efforts to combat stereotypes and hate speech against national minorities
Medical mistrust, misinformation factor into Latino vaccine hesitancy, OSU study finds
Novel Hybrid Seawater Sterilization and Neutralization System
UN Disability Rights Committee issues findings on Djibouti and France
Pentagon Awards $35.8 Million Contract to Mettler-Toledo Rainin, LLC to Increase Domestic Production Capacity of Pipette Tips
Soil Legacy Effect of Global Change Influences Invasiveness of Alien Plants
Uyghur population policies could lead to 4.5 million lives lost by 2040, according to study
Restoring hormone levels in neutered dog leads to health improvements
Bachelet tells Copenhagen forum
Amcor announces breakthrough healthcare lidding technology for combination products
LEDs light way to coronavirus disinfection
Environmental toll of disposable masks
Consumers will pay more for ready-to-eat meals made with fewer ingredients
Consumers will pay more for ready‑to‑eat meals made with fewer ingredients
Amcor launches enhanced heat seal coating healthcare packaging solution