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Light-Bending Gravity Uncovers One of Largest Black Holes
Light-Bending Gravity Discovers One of Largest Black Holes Ever Found
Protons’ Pathway Studied to Enhance Fuel Cells
Early Mutation in COVID Virus Boosted Rapid Spread
Varying Routes Lead to Photosynthesis Center
Calculations Simplify Complex Plasma Flow Analysis
Simulation Uncovers Secrets of Polarons, Exotic Electrons
Materials Research: New Supercomputer at KIT
Research Examines Impact of Amide-to-Ester Swaps on Cyclic Peptide Membrane Permeability
Researching Impact of Amide-Ester Swaps on Membrane Permeability of Cyclic Peptides
Unique Virtual Telescope Unveils 21st Century Science Changes
UK Gov Pledges £3.5bn for Tech & Science Future
Protected Areas Inadequate Under Climate Change
9 Billion Trees Counted to Manage Climate, Restore Nature
Penn Medicine: Drugs Can Treat More Cancers
Climate scientists producing regional climate projections
WA Supercomputer Predicts Climate Change 75 Years Ahead
Xanadu, U of T-supported startup, aims to lead quantum computing
LLNL’s Terri Quinn named 2023 People to Watch by HPCwire
Novel Drug Candidates for PD Found Through Semantic Similarity
Eastern and Western U.S. Birds Exhibit Contrasting Behaviors
Engineers Design Metasurfaces to Control Wave Propagation
Triplet Quasar is Most Massive Object in Universe
Nine Billion Trees to Help Manage Climate & Nature Restoration
Could Computers Run on Brain Cells in Future?
Quantum Computing Used to Simulate Atomic Nuclei
Strategy Cuts Energy Costs of Fluid Transport by 22%
Global Sea Level Rise to Accelerate Past 1.8℃ Warming
High-performance computer with quantum coprocessor
Calculating collision risks: with constant bearing principle
Children use same brain network as adults for tough problems
AI Quickens Discovery of Clean Energy Materials
Algae bio hacks itself in adapting to climate change
Researchers Make Progress on Quantum Simulators
Blue Economy: Positive Outlook for Future
Danish Physicists Make Giant Nanoscopic Leap
EU Project CoE RAISE Members Gather at CERN for AI Supercomputer Push
Early Universe: Different Galaxies Compared
Can you trust your quantum simulator?
Grant quantum leap for women in STEM
Transformation of Coal-Like Material to Graphite, Nanotubes via Simulation
James Webb Telescope Reveals Milky Way-like Galaxies in Young Universe
UCL-led team wins time on world’s most powerful computer
Quantum technology grant for modelling molecular mirror images
Software Simulates Polymer Properties to Create World Map
Metabolic Hack Makes Algae Climate-Resilient
Unravelling mystery of Milky Way’s satellite galaxies
Milky Way’s mystery solved: plane of satellite galaxies disperses over time