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RMIT set to be first Australian university to implement dedicated cloud supercomputing facility on AWS to boost research
Bushfires, not pandemic lockdowns, had biggest impact on global climate in 2020
King’s accelerates synthetic brain 3D image creation using AI models powered by Cambridge-1 supercomputer
Buzz about thermoelectrics heats up with promising new magnesium-based materials
Origin of bifurcated current sheets explained
Climate change to bring more intense storms across Europe
From genes to memes: Algorithm may help scientists demystify complex networks
PPPL selected for new public-private partnerships to speed development of fusion energy
PPPL selected for three new public-private partnerships to speed development of fusion energy
Advancing Future Energy Technologies With More Accurate Electrochemical Simulations
TSUBAME supercomputer predicts cell-membrane permeability of cyclic peptides
Single gene boosts climate resilience, yield and carbon capture in crops
UK’s most powerful supercomputer launched to accelerate research in AI and healthcare
Observation, Simulation, and AI Join Forces to Reveal a Clear Universe
PFN’s MN-3 Tops Green500 List of World’s Most Energy-Efficient Supercomputers for Second Time
A 50% rise in level of CO2 could reduce rainfall in Amazon more than deforestation
KIT Supercomputer one of 15 fastest in Europe
Machine learning for solar energy is supercomputer kryptonite
To find out how galaxies grow, were zooming in on night sky and capturing cosmic explosions
Computers help researchers find materials to turn solar power into hydrogen
Researchers poised to deliver key scientific findings in fast lane
Chronic pain relief from unlikeliest of places
DOE scientists deploy creativity, speed to disrupt COVID-19
New light on making two-dimensional polymers
Expanding limits of ferroelectrics
Lawrence Livermore team looks at nuclear weapon effects for near-surface detonations
Researchers Reveal Inner Workings of a Viral DNA-Packaging Motor
Which way does solar wind blow?
Single gene boosts climate resilience, yield and carbon capture in crops
Climate skeptics are not easily persuaded, UO study shows
Ancient volcanic eruption destroyed ozone layer
Digital wind tunnels could help develop more fuel efficient aeroplanes
Climate skeptics not easily persuaded by available evidence, now or later
‘Slow slip’ earthquakes’ hidden mechanics revealed
Australian businesses gain access to space data facility in Western Australia
Plasma jets reveal magnetic fields far, far away
Net-Zero America in action: America’s windy coastlines and scaling offshore wind power
To Map Universe, Astrophysicists Launch Largest Sky Survey Yet
Inspiring next generation of space scientists
Supporting business through astronomy
Building a universe in a supercomputer
In soil, high microbial fluctuation leads to more carbon emissions
A New Window to See Hidden Side of Magnetized Universe
Surf sounds study to investigate bubble size data for industrial and environmental use
Previously unrecognized tsunami hazard identified in coastal cities
Open-source GPU technology for supercomputers
Physicists develop a new algorithm solving a long standing problem in constrained quantum material models
ORNL licenses revolutionary AI system to General Motors for automotive use