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Scientists develop powerful strategy for creating new-to-nature enzymes
Silver Nitrate with More Than 2,000 Years Antimicrobial History Can Re-sensitise Last-line Antimicrobial Colistin
Researchers develop new treatment to combat obesity and heart disease
New platform for customizable quantum devices
Four UO faculty members are named fellows of AAAS
Four UO facutly members are named fellows of AAAS
Two ERC Starting Grants for young researchers
Cancer therapy using on-site synthesis of anticancer drugs
Researchers develop method that gives enzymes ability to catalyze new-to-nature reactions
HKUMed research team identifies new drug combo for liver cancer via CRISPR-Cas9 screen
Boundary-pushing research projects boosted by President’s Excellence Fund
Croucher Foundation presents research awards to distinguished scholars
Thomas Hansen wins KNCV-Backer Prize
Researchers crack synthetic code of rare molecules sought after in drug development
AWS Helps Pfizer Accelerate Drug Development and Clinical Manufacturing
Herbicide research provides sustainable farming solutions
Chemist and MLK Jr. Scholar Robert Gilliard explores new frontiers in synthetic chemistry
Lab mimics molecule in poppies
Molecular shape puzzles
At MIT, Nobel laureate Frances Arnold describes innovation by evolution
UNSW academic to help establish $96m RNA pilot manufacturing facility
Imperial academic wins AstraZeneca prize in synthetic chemistry
Chemical engineering meets cancer immunotherapy
Harnessing Potential Treasure trove of Modern Medicines from Tropical Plants
“Smart synthesis” of polymers – Making whole process sustainable
New tool to predict polymer properties
Synthetic biology enables microbes to build muscle
Synthetic biology enables microbes to build synthetic muscle
Nine HKU young scientists awarded China’s Excellent Young Scientists Fund 2021
Nuclear waste-storage research gets $3.3M grant
Imperial, HKU and Peking University announce chemistry research collaboration
Moeller wins Heyrovsky Prize for electrochemistry
Synthesis of one of most abundant organic lipids elucidates its structure
Scientists take home Young Tall Poppy Awards
Using computational tools for molecule discovery
Mechanochemical peptide bond formation behind origins of life
Cancer cell chemical activates anti-tumor drug to avoid side effects of conventional therapy
HKUMed researchers unveil a novel molecular mechanism underlying liver cancer drug resistance and tumour recurrence
Toward overcoming solubility issues in organic chemistry
Activation of prodrug using protein-encased gold catalyst
Emergence of a new heteronanostructure library
Hammering out future chemicals
EU and Japan jointly invest €10,7 million for breakthrough research on advanced biofuels and alternative renewable fuels
Joint PhD project on steroid synthesis with University of Perugia
Moiré than meets eye
Material yields soft, elastic objects that feel like human tissue
Chemistry and computer science join forces to apply artificial intelligence to chemical reactions
Making Chemistry greener with solvent alternatives