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Large EU project to create attractive green transport
New academy is to strengthen data science in Denmark
Scientists have developed a new “key-hole surgery” technique to extract metals from earth – which could revolutionise future
Giving entrepreneurship a boost
No more digging – a new environmentally friendly way of mining
Optical Society Announces 2021 Ambassadors
“You need to show that you’re human”
Inspired by lotus flower petals
Innovation-the lifeblood of our welfare society
Large EU project to develop carbon capture technologies
ERC Advanced Grant to understand enzyme stability
DTU strengthens its Executive Board with new Senior Vice President
Recycling electronic waste from solar devices in Kenya
Laser researcher to build mini synchrotron system
Dream of a new marine research vessel comes true
Flowers from other gardens thanks to ten-year-old EuroTech
Grant running into millions for research into ultrathin materials
Major Danish venture into artificial intelligence research
What will happen when permafrost melts?
Enzyme pioneer will help Danish research scale new heights
World’s smallest power converter ready to go to market
Let wind turbines conquer Seven Seas
Researchers winning battle against sweat
DTU’s commemoration 2021 goes virtual
Six factors that determine success when working from home
Self-driving buses get green light at DTU
DTU Skylab publishes book on creating an innovation environment
DTU opens innovation environment for companies
DTU’s President visiting space scientists
Flat brain organoids grown on 3D-printed scaffolds show intrinsic gyrification
Large CO2 gains obtainable from ocean-going ships
Dana-Farber research leads to better understanding of immune system in kidney cancer
Basic rules of research apply regardless of who is paying
Let us help each other through a critical time
Two new members of DTU’s board
Energy systems of tomorrow to be developed in giant lab
DTU is building for a sustainable future
Trophic levels are an ‘insufficient’ measure of sustainability for today’s aquaculture policy
Smaller businesses get help to increase cyber security
Launch of four European projects to develop avantgarde technologies
We’re overlooking low-hanging fruit in green transition
Machine learning to accelerate green internet development
Immune system T cells to be trained to remove cancer
Carbon capture – climate gain and good business
Gut bacteria predict weight loss
Danish biotech company receives 4,4 million EUR from EU
Discover how China is introducing liquid cooling to achieve more energy-efficient datacentres
DTU in front of IEA cooperation on new motor fuels