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Let us help each other through a critical time
Two new members of DTU’s board
Energy systems of tomorrow to be developed in giant lab
DTU is building for a sustainable future
Trophic levels are an ‘insufficient’ measure of sustainability for today’s aquaculture policy
Smaller businesses get help to increase cyber security
Launch of four European projects to develop avantgarde technologies
We’re overlooking low-hanging fruit in green transition
Machine learning to accelerate green internet development
Immune system T cells to be trained to remove cancer
Carbon capture – climate gain and good business
Gut bacteria predict weight loss
Danish biotech company receives 4,4 million EUR from EU
Discover how China is introducing liquid cooling to achieve more energy-efficient datacentres
DTU in front of IEA cooperation on new motor fuels
New board education for entrepreneurial firebrands
Laser light can reveal condition of ship paint
46 mio. kr. for seven young researchers
Personalized vaccine produces long-lasting anti-tumor response in patients with melanoma, study shows
Fair treatment with AI
New technology to find and purify water in Afghanistan
New study programme targeted at biotech, pharma and food
Towards new methods for replacing animal testing
Machine learning to prevent cyberattacks
DTU-president visits ‘corona engine room’
Intelligent alarm system helps Covid-19 patients
How does home working change managerial duties?
Bacteria can tell time
DTU is Part of a New National Centre for Digital Technologies
Do you know your data’s worth?
DTU is sustainable from inside out
CBS and DTU join forces to overcome societal challenges
DKK 13 million invested in making Danish shipping greener
Detection of manipulation receives DTU award
Drones for safety inspection of ships pass test
Groundwater used for heating and cooling while being purified
Wastewater offers important source of knowledge about resistance
Three ERC Consolidator Grants to DTU researchers
Green pandemic recovery essential to close climate action gap
Cells optimized to produce antimicrobial agents
New knowledge about coliforms to counteract multi-resistance
Finn Foton makes a quantum jump to Japanese market
Entire bacterial community can provide us with new antimicrobial agents
Researchers study air quality in bedroom
New technology can produce sustainable fuel
What is needed for green liquid fuels
E-Fuels can replace fossil fuels 30 November
DKK 25 M to develop recombinant snakebite antivenom