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DTUs laboratories must be both safe and sustainable
We can produce anything
Danish Ministries to Create Quantum-Secure Network
Use energy with care
New study programme ensures sustainability in Blue Growth
Nature’s substances to replace pesticides
Bacteria Modeled After Corals for Carbon-Neutral Cement
Plant protein of future grown in Danish rapeseed fields
Kenya Partners to Tackle Health, Food Safety Issues
No scaling, no impact
DTUs financial situation results in dismissals
New DTU member of Danish Council on Climate Change
DTU ranking third in world in biotechnology
We cant protect everything
Danish waters are filled with plankton, not microplastics
Human Antibody Neutralizes Snake Toxins Worldwide
Two engineers, colour researcher, and innkeeper stuck on train
Research grant for testing new energy solutions
Elite Research Prize was given to pioneer researcher who aims to fight neurological diseases
Novo Nordisk Utilizes Math Models to Streamline Production
Aging Population Loses Connections, Cohesion
Splash-proof Glass Ensures Normal Drinking for All
Company to replace natural gas with electricity
How waste-eating bacteria digest complex carbons
Bacteria That Feed On Waste Able to Digest Complex Carbs
3D printing is great, but not for everyone
Wind turbine pioneer
Danes to Reap Benefits of Power-to-Xpertise: New Business Success Story
Engineering Games, Tours & Tutors Offered for Winter Study Start
Mentor corps at DTU: unique offer for start-ups
Innovative process squeezes more value out of apples
New collaboration model makes entrepreneurial dreams come true
Setting out to sink internets digital ghost ships
Universities strengthen collaboration with armed forces
New Method Assesses Predatory Fish Diets, Aiding Sustainable Fishing
Between research and business there are five nuts to crack
Innovation programme turns ideas into reality
DTU saves 188 tonnes of CO2 by recycling IT equipment
Women entrepreneurs are met with scepticism
Architecture creating framework for research
In Mansouri Land, good ideas belong to everyone
10 top tips – from research to business
Encryption holds our digital society together
Graphene Switches Make Electronics Smaller, More Efficient
New way of administering medicine may eliminate need for needles
Taking back privacy control
CMU Portugal Ph.D. Student Develops AI to Classify Epileptic Seizures
Why do Danes find it difficult to eat meat-free?