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Wind turbine pioneer
Danes to Reap Benefits of Power-to-Xpertise: New Business Success Story
Engineering Games, Tours & Tutors Offered for Winter Study Start
Mentor corps at DTU: unique offer for start-ups
Innovative process squeezes more value out of apples
New collaboration model makes entrepreneurial dreams come true
Setting out to sink internets digital ghost ships
Universities strengthen collaboration with armed forces
New Method Assesses Predatory Fish Diets, Aiding Sustainable Fishing
Between research and business there are five nuts to crack
Innovation programme turns ideas into reality
DTU saves 188 tonnes of CO2 by recycling IT equipment
Women entrepreneurs are met with scepticism
Architecture creating framework for research
In Mansouri Land, good ideas belong to everyone
10 top tips – from research to business
Encryption holds our digital society together
Graphene Switches Make Electronics Smaller, More Efficient
New way of administering medicine may eliminate need for needles
Taking back privacy control
CMU Portugal Ph.D. Student Develops AI to Classify Epileptic Seizures
Why do Danes find it difficult to eat meat-free?
Researchers have cut worlds smallest Christmas record
Power-to-X center will revolutionize materials for green transition
DTU educating cyber warriors of future
Denmarks first driverless harbour bus sails using technology from DTU
11 million euros for life science research and innovation infrastructure synergies in Northern Europe
New artwork at DTU: Art and landscape merge in courtyard
Crisis has affected DTU financially
IT systems must build trust same way people do
Energy database creating basis for green transition
Regime shift in Arctic marine ecosystem is likely to be permanent
WUR works with open collaboration platform Plant2Food on accelerating protein transition
Rapidly thinning Northeast Greenland ice sheet could add more to sea-level rise than thought
New probe design brings promises to improve biomedical imaging – new paper
Innovative European project on brain regeneration for treatment of neurodegenerative disorders
Effective remedy for life-threatening intestinal infections
Major investment for developing Denmark’s first fully functional quantum computer
Tailoring particle sizes of Pt5Ce alloy nanoparticles for oxygen reduction reaction
Companies want to stop water waste
Powerful sludge
How to stop cities and companies causing planetary harm
Young people are devising water solutions of tomorrow
Tanzania gains access to life-saving equipment
People generate their own oxidation field and change indoor air chemistry around them
Rethinking indoor air chemistry
Analysis of email traffic suggests remote work may stifle innovation
Study exchange bears fruit