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Researcher on EU climate council: Climate action should also be big business
Research building for new sustainable climate solutions
Bornholm to become international hub for green technologies
New research grant to create green industrial parks
Danes lost 30.000 years of healthy life due to Covid in first year of pandemic
New radar system can detect drones
LLNL joins forces with supercomputing centers in Germany, UK and US to form IASC
New chip-based beam steering device lays groundwork for smaller, cheaper lidar
Admissions to DTU study programmes remain solid
Researchers and media should collaborate on science journalism
Technology optimizes renewable energy generation from malting barley bagasse by beer industry
DTU takes initiatives to strengthen research security
Bacteria for Blastoff: Using Microbes to Make Supercharged New Rocket Fuel
DTU Electro: Stronger collaboration between photonics and electronics
More protections for tiger sharks needed after new study indicates possible population wipe out
CO2 must be resource instead of problem
Advanced drone technology streamlining mine clearance
Research highlights undiscovered potential of bacterial compounds and genes linked to colon cancer-related toxin
Melting accelerates for Greenland’s northern glaciers
New discovery about distant galaxies: Stars are heavier than we thought
Research on impact of micro- and nanoplastics on health and environment just click away
In Einstein’s footsteps and beyond
From dawn of universe
Hubble spots most distant single star ever seen, at record distance of 28 billion lightyears
Keywan Riahi and Joeri Rogelj appointed to new European Scientific Advisory Board
Danish Pioneer Centre for AI marks its official opening
New flow battery stores power in simple organic compound
New approach to flexible robotics and metamaterials design mimics nature, encourages sustainability
New research areas cause name change for research centre
Manufacturing solar cells using ultra-high resolution printing
UNEP establishes Copenhagen Climate Centre in collaboration with UNOPS
Graphene sensors can detect bacterial pathogens
EU support for low-cost medical equipment for epilepsy
Researchers are developing cancer vaccine candidate
Start-up aims to automate wound care in hospitals
Five Villum Young Investigators are DTU-researchers
New ultra-fast 3D printer works like reverse scanner
Analysis of cell data open up for individual cancer treatment
Four green energy initiatives receive grants
Engineers given role in making diagnoses
Promising gut microbiota researcher receives prize
Health care industry needs more engineers
8.44 milligrams of hope and hard work
Why aren’t we going full steam with carbon capture?
DTU embarks on hunt for enzymes to convert CO2
Two ERC Starting Grants for young researchers
DTU enters wide-ranging CCUS partnership
There are cracks in everything – they provide insight