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New model for dark matter
Billions of Objects Discovered in Galactic Survey
Biden Honors Ash Carter at Memorial Service
Cells Use Mechanics to Blend into Existing Tissues: Study
Astronomers Weigh, Date Young Planets Via ‘Little Hurricanes’
Three Dimensions in Time and Space
3.1 million in funding for new research projects at PSI
Quantum World Experiences Temperature in Chaos
Energy-efficient computing with tiny magnetic vortices
MIT researchers use quantum computing to observe entanglement
Physicists observe wormhole dynamics using quantum computer
UWA researchers awarded $8 million in Federal funding
Cosmic chocolate pralines: general neutron star structure revealed
General neutron star structure revealed
First conference for female physicists at Goethe University inspires almost 1000 participants worldwide
Searching for traces of dark matter with neutron spin clocks
Discovery of fundamental law of friction leads to new materials that can minimize energy loss
NYU Tandon researchers explore more frictionless future
IAEA and ICTP Run First School on Nuclear Energy Strategic Planning
How mudslides move
As dense as it gets: New Model for Matter in Neutron Star Collisions
New form of universal quantum computers
ERC has awarded Synergy Grant to astrophysicist Conny Aerts
Scientists to explore unknown parts of Universe with new funding
10 years PRISMA Cluster of Excellence at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz
Making quantum computing more resilient
Milestones achieved on path to useful quantum technologies
Traditional computers can solve some quantum problems
Conventional Computers Can Learn to Solve Tricky Quantum Problems
Hannes Pichler wins New Horizons in Physics Prize
Periodic table of shapes to give new dimension to maths
Academics take science stories to Green Man festival
Targeting Russia’s Senior Officials, Defense Industrial Base, and Human Rights Abusers
Scientists realize topological time crystal using digital quantum simulation
Renowned physicist inducted into Western Australian Science Hall of Fame
Rational points and new dimensions
From bridges to DNA: civil engineering across disciplines
Molecules to Ecosystems: Virginie Uhlmann on Theory transversal theme
Ultracold atoms dressed by light simulate gauge theories
Higgs10: inventing future of Higgs research
Key role for quantum entanglement
De Sitter gravitates towards holography
Higgs10: Ten things we’ve learned about Higgs boson in past ten years
Waves in maze of no return
Dramatic last year of CERN’s flagship LEP collider
Higgs10: Three-quarters of way there