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IAEA Helps Protect Patients and Staff in Dentistry
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British toddlers and children consume too much added sugar
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Solutions to fix broken dental system
Carbs, sugary foods may influence poor oral health
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Putting oral health at top of to-do list this World Oral Health Day
Survey shows decline in kids oral health habits
NIH, HHS leaders call for research and policy changes to address oral health inequities
Benefits of Beverage Policies
Tips for Tiny Teeth
What role can dentists play in reducing obesity among their patients?
Sweet nothings: Frozen drinks have far more sugar than recommended intake
FDI World Dental Federation challenges people to be “Mouth Proud”
ADA commitment to low-sugar intake bolstered by new AMA campaign
HKU Dentistry study reveals mussel-derived compound enhances durability of dental filling treatment
New campaign launched to help parents improve children’s diet
Mystery of children’s ‘chalky teeth’ explained
Tooth cavities provide unique ecological insight into living primates and fossil humans
Here comes festive season: 3 tooth-friendly tips for Christmas
Soft drinks’ sweet appeal
Sugar tax curbs consumption but only when obvious to consumer
App may take bite out of dental visit for preschool kids
Call for Removal of Misleading Sugar Claims on Baby & Toddler Sweet Snacks such as Biscuits and Rusks
Change to improve fluoridation of community drinking water
Countermarketing based on anti-smoking campaigns reduces buying of sugary ‘fruit’ drinks for children
World Cavity-Free Future Day 2021: Putting oral health back on agenda
Children from wealthy backgrounds at greater risk of tooth wear
Quantitative difference of oral pathogen with gastric cancer
New filtering method promises safer drinking water, improved industrial production
1 in 5 parents say kids eat fast food more often since pandemic
Research says oral hygiene habits worsened during pandemic
Smart dental implants
New filtering method promises safer drinking water, improved industrial production
Hidden sugars making Aussies’ sweet habit hard to crack
University of Adelaide and eviDent Foundation form new collaboration to lead innovative oral health research
Australia’s oral health: way forward
Mouth doesn’t lie: Peep into nation’s mouth reveal shocking truths
Study finds braces disrupt oral microbiome to pre-gum disease state
NZMA welcomes Government putting health before profit
Dentists and doctors calling for sugar tax
Researchers awarded £2.6m to tackle child tooth decay