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Oncotarget | Taxes from junk in cancer research
Novel virtual nasal endoscopy system based on computed tomography scans
Magnetosome-like structure with highly tumor tissue penetration efficiency was constructed
Oncotarget | Nectin-4 is widely expressed in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma
DECT assesses postoperative lung volume, perfusion changes
Local 12, WCPO, WLWT-TV highlight Walk Ahead for Brain Tumor Cure
Scientists Propose Near-infrared-triggered Nanozyme for Synergistic Cascade Tumor Therapy
Oncotarget | Kinase activity in renal cell carcinoma, benign renal tissue and
Cardiologists are 1st to use tool to remove tumor from heart
Increased utilization of stereotactic body radiotherapy has decreased treatment disparities for early-stage NSCLC
Cell memory’s role in migration to new tissues explored
Cleaning up after yourself brings benefits
Study Provides New Insights into Immunomodulatory Effects of Fucoidans from Saccharina japonica
Christ Hospital Becomes Newest Member of Dana-Farber Brigham Cancer Care Collaborative
Macrophage-evading and tumor-specific apoptosis inducing nanoparticles for targeted cancer therapy
CHOP, PTEN Foundation Center of Excellence, Hosts PTEN Conference
Prostate cancer hijacks biorhythm of tumor cell to bypass hormone therapy
Prostate cancer hijacks tumor cell biorhythm to evade hormone therapy
More than one way to skin tumor
SLAS Discovery June issue highlights miRNAs, automated electrophysiology platform data and more
Controlling waveform of ultrashort infrared pulses
Four CU Anschutz Researchers Among 2022 Class of Boettcher Investigators
Researchers to study leader cells in breast cancer model
Oncotarget | Anti-cancer drug profiling with CancerOmicsNet
Small Spot of Skin Cancer Can have Big Impact
Study Reveals How Midkine Suppresses AMPK during Cancer Progression
Target to make immunotherapy for cancer safer, while more effective
NIR-II-responsive Nickel-based Therapy Provides New Solution for Synergistic Oncotherapy
New technology could make biopsies thing of past
Can blood test help diagnose skin cancer?
Researcher Propose New Methodology for Cerebrovascular Dysregulation in Patients with Glioma
Ratiometrically designed nanoprodrug for triple-negative breast cancer treatment
Hyper-CEST NMR technique reveals missing structure of novel container molecule
Burst of rapid cell motion in 3D tumor model
Mortality among adults with Covid being treated for cancer
Leave for Member for Nightcliff 21 February
Novel nanoplatform for delivering drugs into lymphocytes
Versatile synthesis of organic compounds from ascorbic acid
‘Decision switch’ discovered in mutations linked to common brain tumor
Thriving After Spinal Surgery: Chuck’s Story
Mayo Clinic Cancer Center researchers identify promising drug to treat gastrointestinal cancers
Novel Way to Overcome Chemotherapeutic Drug Resistance in Liver Cancer
Intracellular Supramolecular Self-assembly Regulates Cellular Function
Signaling mechanisms in pancreatic cancer cells could provide new target for treatment
Immunotherapy combination shows significant benefit for patients with advanced melanoma
Truly revealing when material becomes ‘glassy’
Swapping catalysts provides better targeted killing of cancer cells
Research sheds light on how fatty liver disease turns into liver cancer