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Dana-Farber to present more than 30 research studies at American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting 2021
Study Reveals Function and Molecular Mechanism of Metabolite Creatine in Cancer Metastasis
Regulation of cell division by signaling protein ECT2
Disrupted immune cell navigation in lymph nodes of breast cancer patients
Ph.D. candidates Tingting Li and André Beringhs win 2020 IPEC Americas Foundation Award
UniSA’s Spanish collaboration, a quest to treat skin cancer
New prediction algorithm identifies previously undetected cancer driver genes
UNE’s Anne-Marie Davee talks about benefits of matcha tea in BDN
Trigger for proteasome
Mare scare: Putting Sugar back on her feet
Pharmacy Times: Hierarchy of breast cancer cells
Web of death
Two CHOP Physicians Present at PTEN Symposium
Locating and severing lethal links
Pathological regression of lymph nodes better predicts esophageal cancer survival
For Record: Evolving Cancer Registry Requirements
Cells communicate by doing ‘wave’
Three Dana-Farber physician scientists receive Doris Duke Charitable Foundation 2020 Clinical Scientist Development
APV award for most outstanding doctoral thesis in pharmaceutical sciences in 2018/2019 to Flavia Fontana
Feeling need for speed?
Novel function of platelets in tumour blood vessels found
Dana-Farber faculty recognized with AACR 2020 Team Science Awards
MD Anderson and Philips collaborate to facilitate personalized oncology treatments and clinical trial matching
Chemokine renders immune cells less effective against cancer cells
Benign gynecologic lesions more common than reported
Targeted delivery to tumor realized through drug-loaded microalgae
Travel Considerations Specified for Lu-177-DOTATATE Radiation Therapy Patients
New targeted agent produces considerable responses in trial with patients with uterine serous carcinoma
Image challenge: unusual calcified lesions of liver and lung in a young woman
Staining Cycles with Black Holes: Ultrafast repeated staining and destaining of cell samples for tumor diagnostics
Cancer Diagnostics: Amplification and imaging of microRNA as a biomarker to detect tumor development
New insight into breast cancer resistance to hormone therapy
A new Keyplayer in cell division
Breast cancer survivor decides to ‘go flat’ following double mastectomy
Patient-partnered research finds clues about a rare cancer’s genetic roots
Personalized cancer vaccines
What Fuels a “Domino Effect” in Cancer Drug Resistance?
Inheritance of epigenetic marks
Major project for Munich neurosciences
Combined drug treatment for lung cancer and secondary tumors
CRISPR-Edited Immune Cells Can Survive and Thrive After Infusion into Cancer Patients
Cold plasma patch could make immunotherapy more effective for treating melanoma, study finds
EPFL spin-off Lunaphore raises 23 million francs
“Phoenix” helps to treat bone cancer without reducing bones’ strength
Researchers discover new cancer-causing mutations in genes’ control switches
Dismantling drug resistance in colorectal cancer
Study provides new understanding of mitochondria genome with potential for new avenues of treatment for multiple cancers
Hybrid microscope could bring digital biopsy to clinic