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Case of Cloudy Filters: Solving Mystery of Degrading Sunlight Detectors
Researchers discover hitchhiking bacteria
Particulates are more dangerous than previously thought
New age verification technology to be trialled in shops
Do not use weather as a basis to relax COVID-19 control measures, UN agency urges
Report examines meteorological and air quality factors and COVID-19
Study reveals which outdoor lighting minimizes harm to insects
Blast that shook ionosphere
First COVID-19 lockdowns improved air quality. Where are we a year later?
Plant cells use autophagy to keep their mitochondrial population healthy
Study predicts oceans will start emitting ozone-depleting CFCs
Could we recycle plastic bags into fabrics of future?
Experts cast shade at anti-sunscreen claims
Psoriasis Center Brings Together Patients, Providers, and Researchers
UV radiation kills virus that causes COVID-19 in lab, study finds
No eyes? No problem. Worms still avoid blues
A tiny echidna moves 8 trailer-loads of soil a year, helping tackle climate change
Eyeless roundworms sense color
Scientists investigate microdamage in aircraft glass
How insects detect color
Water upgrades at Edinburgh Gardens to save millions of litres
UV light shows promise in mitigation of costly swine virus
Ultraviolet ‘television’ for animals helps us better understand them
Sounding Rocket CLASP2 Elucidates Solar Magnetic Field
Mars rover Perseverance will look for signs of life backed by University of Southern California research
Touchdown! NASA’s Mars Perseverance Rover Safely Lands on Red Planet
Eindhoven version of famous Huygens experiment shows thin plastics can synchronize their swing
Are we alone? UCPH researchers hold their breath ahead of Mars landing
Sensor takes guesswork out of N95 decontamination
Water surface is a fantastic place for chemical reactions
New look for sun safe labels
Here’s How Stress, Illness and Even Sunburn Trigger Cold Sore Flareups
Reductions in CFC-11 emissions put ozone recovery back on track
Ozone-depleting gas emissions back on decline
Researchers uncover biochemical rules between RNA-protein interactions and expression of thousands of genes
New mix could double concrete’s carbon uptake
Study Yields Recommendations to Prevent Outbreaks from Waterborne Coronaviruses
Monitoring Body’s Fat Burning by Breath
Good news on ozone: world scientists make global assessment 5 February 2021
Extreme UV laser shows generation of atmospheric pollutant
A Show of Force: Novel Polymer that Toughens Up and Changes Color Upon Mechanical Stress
How does a cell regulate repair of its damaged DNA?
Research could dramatically lower cost of electron sources
Purported phosphine on Venus more likely to be ordinary sulfur dioxide, new study shows
When galaxies collide-Models suggest galactic collisions can starve massive black holes
When galaxies collide
Canada and Ontario invest in green infrastructure to support Latchford residents
Amcor’s single-serve plastic bottles and flexible packaging reshape dairy industry