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Study shows Alberta milk meets safety standards
Newly developed screening processes will help accelerate carbon capture research
Gut bacteria might hold clues to improving mental health after spinal cord injuries
Shaming, blaming and ignorance about obesity block millions from getting effective care
Community gathers to honour and remember local victims of Flight PS752
University of Alberta mourns victims of Iran plane crash
New technique could accelerate waste-to-methane production
More muscle, more protein may improve odds of surviving cancer: study
Researchers create ‘artificial cartilage’ that can repair itself
Research defines meaningful activity for people with Alzheimer’s disease
Exercising in very cold weather could harm lungs over time, researcher cautions
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New study identifies last known occurrence of extinct human ancestor
‘DNA is not your destiny’: Genetics a poor predictor of risk for most diseases, study suggests
Human ‘check engine’ lights not far away
New model explains how our immune system sometimes helps cancer spread
Pine trees with larger resin ducts better able to survive mountain pine beetle attack
Leaving home benefits male squirrels but not females, study shows
Scientists deliver unprecedented measurements of pulsar
Everyday activities help people with MS manage symptoms, study shows
Study seeks to help immigrant seniors overcome barriers to exercise
Scientists develop molecular sensor that can emit light in more colours than ever before
‘Frontcountry’ campers more likely to respect nature, study suggests
Newly proposed model for shape of HIV-1 viral shell may change how we understand disease
Chemists develop paper-based sensor to detect potent nerve toxins
University of Alberta historian keeps close eye on NASA’s new James Webb space telescope
DNA testing for siblings of children with autism may predict diagnosis before symptoms appear
Edmonton company headed by University of Alberta cancer researcher secures $109M partnership
How a protein in your brain could protect against Alzheimer’s disease
University of Alberta, biotech company team up to study whether medical cannabis could treat
Biodiversity should be on agenda of local councils
‘Bad death’ hurts more for loved ones left behind: study
Micro implants could restore standing and walking
95-million-year-old fossil reveals new group of pterosaurs
How retail peer pressure drives Black Friday in Canada
90-million-year-old ‘comma’ shrimp fossil sheds new light on modern species
Affordable housing with social support helps lift teen parents out of ‘cycle of disadvantage’
Dinosaur skull turns paleontology assumptions on their head
Athlete activism shown to affect attendance at games
More than a quarter of young Canadians aged 15 to 19 are caregivers, research shows
Videos, ebooks help parents decide when children need to go to ER