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In Earth’s largest extinction, land die-offs began long before ocean turnover
High-speed microscope captures fleeting brain signals
New technique ‘prints’ cells to create diverse biological environments
With testing still limited, coronavirus remains a ‘moving target’
Speed counts on coronavirus economic rescue
America’s health insurance gaps could speed spread of coronavirus
New telescope to look for laser pulses from life around other planets
How monkeyflower gets its spots
Merging old and new microscopy yields best 3D view yet inside cells
New helmet design can deal with sports’ twists and turns
Lab-made proteins mimic cellular gatekeepers
Brain scans could flag children’s future mental health problems
UC rings out 2019 with its 20th CRISPR patent
Heat energy leaps through empty space, thanks to quantum weirdness
How do you cultivate a healthy plant microbiome?
Drugs that quell brain inflammation reverse dementia
Parker probe traces solar wind to its source on sun’s surface
Early climate modelers got global warming right, new report finds
Advances open door to more aggressive policies to meet climate goals
Genomic gymnastics help sorghum plant survive drought
Underwater telecom cables make superb seismic network
New center illuminates ‘microscopic universe within each cell’
Berkeley Talks: Comedian Maz Jobrani on noticing good in his life
Babies in womb may see more than we thought
Deadly human diseases may have killed off Neanderthals
Depression puts South African girls at higher risk of contracting HIV
Stressed to max? Deep sleep can rewire anxious brain
New findings could improve diagnosis, treatment of depression
California rolls out first statewide earthquake early warning system
First responders’ daughter fights fire with a mobile app
Our energy grid is vulnerable. Locally sourced power may be answer
Best way to protect ocean fisheries? Let nations profit from them
ICON’s mission to ionosphere begins with beautiful fall launch
CRISPRed flies mimic monarch butterfly – and could make you puke
Collapse of desert birds due to heat stress from climate change
First known cases of sudden oak death detected in Del Norte County