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Using CRISPR, new technique makes it easy to map genetic networks
Exoplanet around distant star resembles our reputed ‘Planet Nine’
Nobel Prize ceremonies go virtual for Doudna, Genzel
Despite drift toward authoritarianism, Trump voters stay loyal. Why?
Berkeley Talks: U.S. elections 2020 and implications for Americas
New CRISPR-based COVID-19 test uses smartphone cameras to spot virus RNA
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What motivates people to protest taxation?
How state courts use disability to remove Native children from their homes
With democracy under threat, GOP silence draws scrutiny – and censure
How U.S. government created an ‘insane asylum’ to imprison Native Americans
Zebra finches amazing at unmasking bird behind song
Deep learning helps robots grasp and move objects with ease
U.S. lifespans trail that of other affluent nations, even for wealthy
Florida 2000 all over again? Possible, but not likely, Chemerinsky says
As nation waits, old divisions linger – and deepen
Drone surveys reveal fire damage and recovery in UC natural reserves
Election 2020: A referendum on racial justice in America
Berkeley poll: Most Californians fear disputed election, post-vote violence
Researchers break magnetic memory speed record
Antarctica yields oldest fossils of giant birds with 21-foot wingspans
Pre-election polls are only 60% accurate, Berkeley Haas study finds
Active volcanoes feed Io’s sulfurous atmosphere
$275 million commitment to brew better molecules for manufacturing
California bail reform measure would release more people, sooner
Hot-button words trigger conservatives and liberals differently
UC Berkeley’s Jennifer Doudna wins 2020 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
UC Berkeley played big role in Nobel Prize-winning work
In Trump’s own case of COVID-19, narrative matters more than truth
Contraceptive researcher Polina Lishko receives MacArthur “genius” award
UC Berkeley’s Reinhard Genzel awarded Nobel Prize in Physics
Berkeley Talks: How plantation museum tours distort reality of slavery
Metal wires of carbon complete toolbox for carbon-based computers
Island-building in Southeast Asia created Earth’s northern ice sheets
Can ripples on sun help predict solar flares?
Race, power of an illusion
Berkeley Conversations: Race, law and education
To recreate ancient recipes, check out vestiges of clay pots
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