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Greenland Melting Likely Increased by Bacteria in Sediment
Lab’s ACT-UP awards focus on collaborative research
Colorado mountains bouncing back from acid rain effects
With COVID-19 exacerbating threat of superbugs, researchers ID new weapon
With COVID exacerbating superbug threat, researchers ID new weapon to fight them
Whether it’s 2020 or Baby Shark: Study offers clues on how to stop thinking about it
10 research discoveries from 2020 you won’t want to miss
JILA’s Bigger and Better ‘Tweezer Clock’ Is Super Stable
CU Center leading work to study trail bridge use in rural Rwanda
JILA’s Electric ‘Knob’ Tunes Chemical Reaction Rates in Quantum Gas
How commercial vessels could become tsunami early-warning systems
How a simple smell test could curb COVID and help reopen economy
New JILA Tools ‘Turn On’ Quantum Gases of Ultracold Molecules
Researchers develop unique process for producing light-matter mixture
Increasing Diversity and Community Participation in Environmental Engineering
Parental restrictions on childhood tech use have little lasting effect in young adulthood
Shift workers at increased risk of asthma, research shows
Making best decision: Math shows diverse thinkers equal better results
Advanced Atomic Clock Makes a Better Dark Matter Detector
Global fisheries could alleviate a global food emergency in extreme situations
Researchers build web-based tool to reduce risk of indoor SARS-CoV-2 transmission
Election Day math: New study probes how people make decisions
Americans with lower education levels suffer more pain than people with more education
Americans with lower education levels suffer more pain than those who are more educated
New materials help expand volumetric 3D printing
Pufferfish-inspired robot could improve drone safety
Coordinated drought planning is essential for new Ethiopian Dam
Aerosol research instrumental in getting musicians back to playing safely
Former CU Boulder postdoc Doudna smashes glass ceiling with historic Nobel win
Dust Dampens Albedo Effect, Spurs Snowmelt in Heights of Himalayas
Dust Dampens Albedo Effect, Spurs Snowmelt in Heights of Himalayas
Inside secret lives of synchronous fireflies
4 easy recipes to try this month
Dorm sewage, vials of saliva and a new robot: Inside CU’s plan to contain COVID-19
What to do if you’re worried about a friend
New $20 million center to bring AI into classroom
Only nose knows: New international network explores how odors lead to actions
Agriculture replaces fossil fuels as largest human-driven source of sulfur in environment
Scientists Win Grant to Unravel Mystery of How Animals Track Scent
Purdue University to participate in NSF-funded engineering research center to advance electrified transportation
Twitter users may have changed their behavior after contact with Russian trolls
Waning attention to climate change amid pandemic could have lasting effects
New engineering research center aims to electrify transportation, expand education
New studies show how to save parasites and why it’s important
COVID-19 provides rare opportunities for studying natural and human systems
Shrinking Violet
Legal marijuana may be slowing reductions in teen marijuana use, study says
Leap in lidar could improve safety, security of new technology