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Study offers new insight into impact of ancient migrations on European landscape
Oldest ever human genetic evidence clarifies dispute over our ancestors
Researchers gain new insights into pain signaling in brain
A Primer On and Conversation About Biology and Evolution of SARS-CoV-2, Virus That Causes Covid-19
Health researchers find solution to life-threatening side effect
UCPH researchers to be part of team researching social behavior during Covid-19 epidemic
Virologists monitor which coronaviruses that occur in Danish animals
What Features Make Text-Based Counseling Effective?
Neuroscientists discover new structure of important protein in brain
Illegal wildlife trade in US: Bears and crocodiles are popular – ivory and tiger skins are on wane
DNA discovery can lead to new types of cancer drugs
Less air travel is to ensure a greener university
Earth formed much faster than previously thought
Scientists pinpoint brain coordinates for face blindness
Size does matter: People with longer thumbs mistype on their phones more often
Right beneath skin we all have same bacteria
New report: vast majority of Danish soya imports threaten rainforests
Taller young men may have lower dementia risk
29-year-old Danish physicist helps pioneering Harvard researchers understand cancer
Brain ‘Suffocates’ in Its Own Fluid After a Stroke
Using games to get kids to eat more fruits and vegetables
“We have found a fundamental shortcoming in air pollution models”
A sea monster’s genome
Finding time to read has never been easy
Intelligent alarm to help doctors predict heart attacks
Researcher discovers terrifying epilepsy demon on 2,700-year-old clay tablet
A sustainable future for Danish Christmas trees – with fewer fallen needles
Ancient “Chewing Gum” Yields Insights into People and Bacteria of Past
Electronic pills can improve our health but create ethical and legal challenges
Rare find: human teeth used as jewellery in Turkey 8,500 years ago
New research project will tell entangled history of Lesser Antilles
290 new start-ups open every year
Vital ingredient in everything from washing detergents to pharmaceuticals
University of Copenhagen prevents over-the-counter pesticide suicides
Danish Health Research Becomes Part of International Space Station
Stress hormone helps control circadian rhythm of brain cells
Soviet collapse saved atmosphere from 7 billion tonnes of CO2
Breakthrough: Researchers find key to making fluorescent silver
How are psychiatric disorders linked to infections during pregnancy?
Researchers Find ‘Protein-Scaffolding’ for Repairing DNA Damage
Forskere finder “protein-stillads” til reparation af DNA-skader
Brown and white body fat speak different languages
New center to replace oil and gas with sustainable chemistry
Bacteria contradict Darwin: Survival of Friendliest
Chinese activists protest use of traditional treatments – they want medical science
New discoveries map out CRISPR-Cas defence systems in bacteria
New insight as to how cells maintain their identity
Neurological signals from spinal cord surprise scientists