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Pyrolysis and Biochar for Carbon-Neutral Agri in China
Care Leavers Face Acute Challenges in Transition to Adulthood
Microplastics Hinder Energy Production in Freshwater Organisms
Family Strain Linked to Child Emotional Difficulties During Lockdowns
NASA’s Webb Telescope Unveils Atmos. of Distant Planet
Big Firms Struggle to Reduce Disability Bias: Study
30 Honorary Doctorates Awarded in Conferment Jubilee
Noise Pollution Harms Ocean Life and Ecosystems
Research Finds Volunteering in Youth Spurs Voting in Elections
Recovery of Tropical Forests Offsets Only 25% of Carbon Emissions
Recovering Tropical Forests Offset 25% of Deforestation Carbon Emissions
Brazil’s Climate Goals Depend on Dry Forests, Savannas
19th C Dinner Plate Advances Ocean Science
Mediterranean Diet May Lower Dementia Risk
Populations of Swans 30X Greater in Nature Reserves
People Have Right to Decide Marine Environment Fate
Research Shows Unequal Peer Review in Journals
AI Fest 5: Top Minds Convene in Artificial Intelligence
£5.5m Technical Institute to Boost UK’s Innovation Bid
£5.5M Institute to Boost UK’s Global Research Bid
UK Gov Funds Moon Resource & Nuclear Power Space Exploration
Chalk Discs in Oceans Play Key Role in Carbon Cycle by Propagating Viruses
UK Gov unveils Women Veterans’ Strategy
Tailored support and exercise don’t help reluctant quitters
Vitamin D May Reduce Risk of Dementia: Study
Flamingos Prefer Socially Similar Friends
Syria Peace: Addressing Causes of Failed State Needed
Experts Call for Change in Fire Safety Policies Over Flame Retardant Health Impact
£5m Awarded to Enhance Veterans’ Healthcare Innovations
Funding for Tech Projects to Improve Veterans’ Healthcare
Aging Population Loses Connections, Cohesion
Scientists: Climate Action Urgency Heightened by Feedback Loops
Climate Action Urgency: Scientists Highlight Feedback Loops
Experts Warn of Regulatory Gap for Blockchain Supply Disputes
Microbes that co-operate contribute more carbon emissions
Whales at Risk: Deep Sea Mining Deadline Looms
Whale warning as clock ticks towards deep-sea mining
Hen harrier row could help in other conservation conflicts
Row Over Harrier Conservation May Spark Other Fights
Valentine’s Day Telegram Revives Ancient Tradition of Love Exchange
Research: Hazel Dormice Endangered Status Urged
Damselflies Co-Exist with UK Species
UK Natives Share Habitat with New Damselfly
Incels Evolve to More Extreme Activity: Study
Public Favours Action Against Misinformation Online: Study
Killer whale mums pay high price for raising sons
Public Backs Action to Curb Misinformation Online: Study
Free speech vs. harmful misinformation