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AI learns coral reef “song”
British coral predicted to be resilient to climate change
AI learns coral reef ‘song’
‘Fuel of evolution’ more abundant than previously thought in wild animals
Drug resistance molecule can spread though bacterial ‘communities’
New study maps financial ownership of more than $1 trillion of fossil fuel industry’s projected ‘stranded asset’ losses due
People must be ‘heart’ of climate action
Newly discovered ancient Amazonian cities reveal how urban landscapes were built without harming nature
Pioneering study identifies global dynamics of Antibiotic Resistance
Early urbanism in Amazon
Spiking of university students to be tackled
Study finds crime-cutting benefits of therapy when combined with cash handouts
Mothers of twins are not more fertile, just lucky
‘Democracy’ governs mass jackdaw take-offs
Children who play adventurously have better mental health, research finds
‘Traffic calming’ boosts breeding on coral reefs
Satellites and drones can help save pollinators
University of Exeter’s Q-Step centre helping to plug shortages of graduates able to analyse data, evaluation shows
Uncovering hidden cultures in workplaces can help make businesses more inclusive, according to social mobility expert
Scallops swim into illuminated fishing pots
Deep ocean warming as climate changes
Track which political parties represent your views with new online tool
Pioneering research facility receives funding boost to achieve net zero
Asking for ideas boosts collective action
Sea turtle success stories along African east coast – but thousands still dying
Exeter extreme medicine experts deliver £645,000 in life-saving medical aid to Ukraine
New exhibition shows stories of parents navigating work and family life in Exeter
Peru “pinger” trial deters dolphins but not whales
First detailed academic study of East African maritime traditions shows changes in boatbuilding
Research ship delves into ocean history
First detailed academic study of East African maritime traditions reveals changes in boatbuilding
AI set to transform science and engineering in Canada
Research unlocks personalised care in type 2 diabetes
Major new study will investigate impact of innovative orchestra performances which use dance, drama and film
Historic graffiti made by soldiers sheds light on Africa maritime heritage, study shows
University of Warwick once again claims esports University of Year title
New GP blood test could help diagnose ovarian cancer faster and more accurately, according to research funded by Wellbeing of Women
Researchers awarded £7.7m to drive new standards for safer, greener, more cost-effective UK infrastructure
Efforts to take fake news and misinformation in Africa must take account of continent’s unique “pavement media”, study shows
Smartline shortlisted for Housing Heroes Awards 2022
GW4 Generator Award: Seven collaborative research communities awarded £125k funding
Parks and green spaces of England and Wales valued at £25.6 billion year
Resilience of ecosystems can be measured from space
Pandemic left hospitality workers more vulnerable to conflict from customers and less able to challenge managers over safety due
Loneliness leads to higher risk of future unemployment, study finds
Origin of complex cells started without oxygen
Lighting Up Artificial Neural Networks
Cut emissions “starting now” – Global Carbon Project experts