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Resilience of a hospital-associated bacterium dates back over a century
University of Helsinki and University of Eastern Finland shareholders in a Finnish COVID vaccine company
Beauty is in brain of beholder: An AI generates personally attractive images by reading brain data
Researchers successfully determine annual changes in genetic ancestry in different regions of Finland
Creative physics rap on molecular clusters wins Dance your Ph.D. contest
An excellent return, reduced costs and all investments in fossil fuels divested
A new blindness gene uncovered in a canine study
Researchers identified a mechanism by which cells build ‘mini-muscles’ underneath their nucleus
Researchers determine reason for ineffectiveness of current drug therapies
High smoking dependence linked to depression
A new course at University of Helsinki offers sustainability skills to students of all fields
Scientists have learned how dangerous aerosols are formed
Exposure to superbacteria among visitors to tropics proved much more extensive than previously thought
Invisible smallest particles matter for air we breathe
Advanced imaging technology captures translation of maternal genome
A sleep disorder associated with shift work may affect gene function
Conservation paradox – pros and cons of recreational hunting
Recreational hunting’s conservation paradox
Researchers uncover new information on effects of antidepressants – drugs bind directly to a brain-derived neurotrophic factor
AI predicts efficacy of breast cancer treatment directly from tumor architecture
New highly radioactive particles found in Fukushima
Wintering bird communities track climate change faster than breeding communities in Europe and North America
Working together for benefit of patients – Collaboration between University of Helsinki and Helsinki University Hospital is about
Shrubs and soils: A hot topic in cool tundra
Tree resin could cure infections caused by MRSA bacteria
Trophic layers are re-shuffled as nature’s calendar shifts across a continent
Researchers investigate health benefits of choir singing
Entrepreneurship training to be launched at Faculty of Arts
University of Helsinki established HELSEED, an endowment fund that invests
How cells recycle machinery that drives their motility?
Large-scale commodity farming accelerating climate change in Amazon rainforest
Richness of plant species reduces number of viral infections in both wild meadows and meadows on edges of cultivated fields
DECIDER project to improve diagnostics and treatment of ovarian cancer with help of AI – 15 million euros
Arctic warming and diminishing sea ice are influencing atmosphere
A new book provides a unique perspective on operations of International Labour Organization
Gut microbiota reveals whether drug therapies work in inflammatory bowel diseases
Academician Olli Lehto –level mathematician at helm of University
I want to help understand why transformations related to sustainable consumption take time
Vegan diet significantly remodels metabolism in young children
Academy Professor Karri Muinonen investigates planetary system with help of scattered light
A master cancer gene hijacks a ‘molecular crowbar’ to make breast cancer cells invasive
Major EU project will harness AI and genomics for disease prevention
Micro-climate moulds and reshapes northern insect communities, herbivory and predation
Carnivore conservation can be improved by recognizing divergences between scientific and Indigenous and Local Knowledge
Response to infection therapy better understood thanks to a new technique
Flags at half-mast for Chancellor Emeritus Olli Lehto
Are horses our partners or our tools?
Save date: 10-year anniversary seminar of Taita Research Station