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VTT has started developing a rapid test for coronavirus together with joint vaccine research center
Plant disease primarily spreads via roadsides
Juha Saarikangas receives prestigious Human Frontier Science Program grant
Finnish researchers join forces to investigate airborne transmission of coronavirus
Life hidden within thawing permafrost: how does climate change affect microbes?
Scientists identify factors for predicting which patients with ovarian cancer won’t benefit from
Disturbed retinal gene function underlying canine blindness
Aino Juslén elected as vice-chair of DiSSCo General Assembly
Battle with cancer: new avenues from childhood vaccines
A specialist in urban aesthetics wants to turn city into a living room for all
Celiac disease might be cured by restoring immune tolerance to gliadin
FinnGen welcomes Janssen and Maze Therapeutics
A new research infrastructure, Instruct Centre Finland, part of Instruct-ERIC, opens to scientists
Watching TV helps birds make better food choices
Seismic data collected around Otaniemi geothermal project enables earthquake science and explains
Protein maintaining balance between protrusive and contractile machineries of cell identified
Protein functioning identified as maintaining balance between protrusive and contractile machineries
Forest scientist’s rap video was awarded in Science’s annual ‘Dance Your Ph.D.’ competition
Vitamin C may shorten ventilation in critically ill patients
A smart jumpsuit provides information on infants’ movement and development
Scientists warn of worldwide insect decline
Amongst highly cited one per cent
Can sustainable farming feed world?
Scientists warn humanity about worldwide insect decline, and suggest ways to recognise and avert
Mechanism of signal transmission in blood cell development deciphered
Moderate criminal policy is a component of welfare state
Vaccinating children again in adulthood will help to halve rates of pneumococcal disease
Trees might be “aware” of their size – Finland leads way to identify ideas to conquer cancer
Citizen science discovers a new form of Northern Lights
Zinc lozenges did not shorten duration of colds
Victims of mass atrocities often portrayed as disempowered in international law
Open position in FinPharma: University Researcher
Photos taken by Konsta Punkka tell about climate change research – Exhibition open untill 15th
Drug profiling and gene scissors open new avenues in immunotherapy
Novel genetic variant with implications on heart failure pathogenesis identified
Peter Krawczel starting as an associate professor in animal welfare
High resolution structure and molecular simulations of a key bioenergetic protein
Is there going to be a meagre future for animals living on seafloor of Baltic Sea?
Unique myxomycete fossil found in Cretaceous amber
Connecting energy metabolism to intestinal stem cell fate
Interactions between aerosols and clouds are in good agreement between satellite data and climate
Radical treatment of chronic oral infection before stem cell transplantation not necessary
Lingonberry juice may lower elevated blood pressure
A new study finds research gaps in environmental science disciplines across Arctic
Is anything going to hit Earth? A neat approach to make quicker and more exact analyses of fireball
Bacteria spread by ticks affected by humidity and mutual competition
Martti Hetemäki appointed professor of practice at Helsinki Graduate School of Economics