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Stakeholders involved in environmental disputes related to Lapland rarely find common ground
Rapid progress and emergence of junior researchers underway in cancer medicine
Novel anti-cancer nanomedicine for efficient chemotherapy
New findings in plant root and fungal interaction help resolve a step needed for more reliable
Studying vision in pitch-darkness shines light on how a mammal’s brain drives behaviour
An algorithm that reveals missing spent nuclear fuel pins awarded a prize
Immunotherapies bring hope to cancer patients
Allergic diseases increase risk of adult-onset asthma
Households feeding their dogs and cats with raw food do not consider diet a significant source
Amazon: On edge of burnt rainforest
Researchers develop a tool for rapid breakdown of cellular proteins
Neurobiological mechanisms behind schizophrenia may depend on gender
Study discovers abnormal expression of genes in psychopathy
Advanced data analysis enhances precision medicine prenatal genetic testing applications
How to make world sustainable? Online course for change managers opens
Cancer is a skilled lobbyist, but an unfamiliar environment will confuse it
Satellite-based estimates of reduced deforestation in protected areas needed – conventional
Scientists weigh balance of matter in galaxy clusters
Chemistry olympiad for Nordic youth at University of Helsinki 18-21 July 2019
Development of catalysts that can run on sunlight receives 700.000 Euro backing from Jane
Exercise an effective protection against life-threatening cerebral haemorrhage
Renovation of Main Building of University of Helsinki about to commence
Italy’s highest scientific award bestowed on Academy Professor Kari Alitalo
Painting Science on walls in Helsinki
It’s a rap – a new method for forest health evaluation explained on a music video
In a decade, all plant viruses will be easy and quick to identify
Personalized nanovaccines are safe, well tolerated, and have an effect in melanoma
New vulnerability found in major human viruses
Current Norwegian Barents Sea risk governance framework would need considerable remodelling
Shape your waist using a weighted hula hoop
Making healthy eating automatic – interventions can change impulses to snack
Where to draw line between mental health and illness?
Doctoral dissertation: How are suburban housing estates built in 1960s and 1970s faring?