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Learning about discourse on sustainable development and analytical thinking
Scent dogs detect coronavirus reliably from skin swabs
Shedding new light on mechanism of individual cell memory, using yeast as model
“I want to make cities safer by studying seismic waves”
Images of black hole in Milky Way achieved
New avenues opening up in educational sciences for higher education collaboration in African countries
University of Helsinki joined Coalition to Advance Finland’s 6G Competitiveness
Covid seminars: Next seminar 24.5. at 12
With theory of securitisation, it is possible to investigate security threats from wars to climate change
Multinational doctoral programme investigates solar activity
COVID lockdowns increased burning in globally-important protected areas
Protected areas saw dramatic spikes in fires during COVID lockdowns, study finds
Researchers discover comet’s hourglass-shaped dust trail
Healthy lifestyle helps to prevent gestational diabetes in those at highest genetic risk
Towards earlier diagnosis of cancer
How can everyday trouble caused by hearing impairment or speech difficulties be overcome?
Food culture has to become more sustainable, but why is transition so rigid?
Transforming food system is tricky – Carbon credits could be one solution
Strong saline solution can boost delivery of morphine and other drugs to spinal cord
Well-meaning multicultural education alone is not enough to dismantle inequalities
New applications for quantum computing sought in hackathons
ERC awards five-year grant for research on construction of scientific knowledge
Single course of antibiotics affects gut microbiota of infants
This year, Student Union of University of Helsinki places cap on Havis Amanda
Number of students graduating within target duration of studies grew significantly in 2021
Professor Craig Primmer received an ERC advanced grant
Ukrainian researcher flees war to Department of Chemistry in Kumpula
Friendship ornaments from Stone Age
Sci-fi imagery linked to artificial intelligence tells wrong story
Aiming for clear and smooth routes to university studies, Finnish universities are collaboratively developing certificate-based ad
Responsible investments generated 24% return for University of Helsinki in 2021
Balancing lipids and recycling to prevent mitochondrial meltdown
Fetal exposure to drugs may affect infants’ brain development
Genes can affect our nutrient tolerance
Phase transitions in early universe and their signals
Polygenic risk scores identify high-risk individuals in European and Asian ancestry, but less so
Kumpula-based Pre-incubator for Deep Tech, AI, and Sustainability kicks off new Helsinki Incubator Programmes initiative
Pandemic put university students’ study engagement to test and greatly increased burnout
Finland’s first science satellite, Foresail-1, is ready for space
Friend or foe? immune system collaborates with blood cancer cells
Large studies reveal genes that dramatically influence schizophrenia risk
Collective agreement of universities is approved
Sustainable concept for wood-based textile fibres
Right-wing populist rhetoric dominates debate on multiculturalism
New mobility programme supports early career researchers in Africa to visit University of Helsinki
Call for extended abstracts to “Fit for 55”-conference
Brain activity reflects early maturation of speech processing already in infancy
Periodic volcanism triggered multiple Jurassic extinctions