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Agricultural expansion major cause to doubling of annual tropical carbon loss over past two decades
Collaboration study led by HKUMed finds that patients with treatment-resistant depression have greater risk of mortality
Silver Nitrate with More Than 2,000 Years Antimicrobial History Can Re-sensitise Last-line Antimicrobial Colistin
Launch of 111th Anniversary of University of Hong Kong
HKU admits three outstanding athletes through “Top Athletes Direct Admission Scheme”
HKUMed finds SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variant is more stable than ancestral strain on various surfaces
HKUMed finds pet Syrian hamsters can naturally acquire SARS-CoV-2 and cause human infection
Hong Kong FinTech Buzz Index rebounds from decline in 2021Q4
First Edge Computing AI Chip in Hong Kong for Real-time Video Analytics
HKUMed engineers highly accurate SaCas9 enzymes with single-base precision for therapeutic genome editing
Review reveals big blind spots in research on social media and crisis communications
Vaccine and antibody treatment effectiveness blunted by all three Omicron subvariants
Rapid evolution fuels transcriptional plasticity in fish species to cope with ocean acidification
Frequent population screening can help contain Covid
Joint HKU-CUHK study finds that smoking increases risk of Covid
Embed science in policy to tackle global issues, say WEF Young Scientists
Apple and Foxconn: how can suppliers fight tech giant?
Exclusive Experience at HKU Virtual Career Fair 2022
HKU Community Vaccination Centre starts operation
HKUMed launches real-time community surveillance initiative with generous support by Fok Ying Tung Foundation
Helping children stay connected in times of challenges” Result Announcement Online Symposium
Online booking opens for HKU Community Vaccination Centre
Eating vegetables does not protect against cardiovascular disease, reveals large-scale study
HKU microbiology researcher finds COVID19 virus causing testicular damage and atrophy
Restored forests in tropics survive climate change Prioritisation and targeting is key to success
HKU launches public Community Vaccination Centre targeting elderly citizens
When Protective Gene Buffers Bad One, Heart Can Beat
Physicists make stride closer in quest for quantum materials through better measurement of quantum entanglement
Scientist invents novel droplet manipulation method “WRAP”
An HKU biologist-led team of international plant scientists reveals how guard cell chloroplasts obtain energy
How guard cell chloroplasts obtain energy
Super-elastic high-entropy Elinvar alloy discovered with potential for aerospace engineering
HKUMed discovers an unknown function of DNA mismatch repair that protects us from cancer
HKU Digital Citizenship Study reveals digital competence as protective factor against gaming addiction
Root symbiosis is regulated through nutrient status of plants
HKU biomedical engineering team develops new bioinformatic tool for precise prediction of cells transformation and diseases
HKU Electrical and Electronic Engineering researchers make MRI technology accessible to large populations worldwide
COVID Forecasting Method Using Hospital and Cellphone Data Proves It Can Reliably Guide US Cities Through Pandemic Threats
Chief Executive Mrs Carrie Lam visits sewage monitoring facilities at HKU Lab
Eight universities launch Jockey Club Sustainable Campus Consumer Programme
HKUMed reports that SARS-CoV-2 Omicron infection recalls mRNA-vaccine-induced immunity for broad protection
HKUMed researchers identified key molecule in extracellular vesicles of liver cancer patient as potential new biomarker for early
HKU launches “Top Athletes Direct Admission Scheme” to admit top athletes based mainly on sports achievements
University of Exeter ranked as 46th most international in world
HKU microbiology researchers find Omicron variant less effective in causing diseases than other variants
Research team sets new efficiency record for solar cell technology
HKU Dentistry study reveals mussel-derived compound enhances durability of dental filling treatment
Adapt Frequency of Covid Testing Depending on Transmission Rate and Community Immunity, Study Finds