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HKU-led Physics research team receives funding from Areas of Excellence Scheme
HKU Electrical and Electronic Engineering Scientist Receives Top Honour
Four decades of research on Japanese Izu Islands finds rising lizard temperatures may change predator-prey relationship with snakes
HKU releases 2021 First Quarter Hong Kong Macroeconomic Forecast
HKU Engineering scholar reveals in first global study hugely uneven urbanization among large cities
PolyU awarded funding from Areas of Excellence Scheme of Research Grants Council
MiC Booklets Launch – MiC Success, Glossary and Guidebook
HKUMed discovers a novel gene in causing rare disease “heterotaxy syndrome”
New research makes strong case for restoring Hong Kong’s lost oyster reefs – Seven square meters of a HK oyster reef can filter
Progress of Research and Development on a Sewage COVID-19 Virus Surveillance System
Chemists and collaborators develop a new drug discovery strategy for “undruggable” drug targets
HKU Rural Sustainability Programme wins inaugural Special Recognition for Sustainable Development
What’s up Skip? Kangaroos really can ‘talk’ to us
Fossil provides insights into origins of flight Research reveals earliest flight-related moulting strategy
HKU Engineering research team invents novel light-controlled contamination-free fluidic processor for advanced
HKU dietetics research identifies low GI diet a potential Type 2 diabetes prevention strategy
HKU holds 203rd Congregation
AsiaGlobal Dialogue 2020 Global leaders convene virtually to explore shift “Towards a New Multilateral
Weaving a pictorial history of Chinese textiles Pictorial Silks: Chinese Textiles from UMAG Collection
Opening of Tam Wing Fan Innovation Wing at HKU
HKU partners with Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences to set up Joint Laboratory of Marine Ecology
Hong Kong FinTech Buzz Index falls to historic low in 2020Q3
T-ray technology reveals what’s getting under your skin
HKUMed discovered beta-amyloid deposition to be a novel disease mechanism for Biliary Atresia
SMART researchers develop gelatin microcarrier for cell production
HKU launches global campaign to recruit top scholars
New paradigm on quantum material research reveals topological KT phase of TMGO for first time
2020/21 HKU-SCF FinTech Scholarship awardees
HKU Science launches double degree elite programme 6688 Science Master Class Incubating next generation
HKU becomes an associate partner of East Asian Observatory strategically enhancing its research
Aspiring physician explores many levels of human health
An Imperative Effort to Respond to Rapid Changes on a Global Scale
Scientists reveal an antirheumatic metallodrug drug can resurrect “last-resort” antibiotics to kill multi-drug
New study finds seabirds’ response to abrupt climate change 5,000 years ago transformed sub-Antarctic island
A Digital Museum for Intangible Cultural Heritage of Ethnic Minorities in Guizhou
HKUMed takes leading role in largest cohort study on global hip fracture burden
How people would choose who gets scarce COVID-19 treatment
New sulfur dioxide conversion method may transform current industrial techniques
‘The Dutch are good with optimisation issues’
Researcher Leads Study of Seabird Ecosystem Shift in Falkland Islands
Study reveals bat-winged dinosaurs had short-lived gliding abilities
HKU-joint study finds strengths-based community interventions scored better than traditional approach
HKU LAWLYPOP introduces different aspects of legal profession through short videos
Physicist joins international effort to unveil behaviour of “strange metals”
HKU researchers reveal historic range and diversity of corals in Greater Bay area for last 5,000 years
Wiley Launches Flagship Interdisciplinary Open Access Journal Natural Sciences
HKU Business School’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum Gathers Startup Founders to Nurture a Vibrant Startup
Scientists and microbiologists jointly discover a novel antiviral strategy for treatment of COVID-19 using existing