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HKU Hosts First President’s Forum on Science and Society
ICC DSI Future Trade Forum unveils Global Trade Modernization Index
Global Study Confirms Safety of Methylphenidate in Children with ADHD
Origin of superconductivity in nickelates revealed
Research finds relationship between UK’s shallow marine waters and sea surface temperature
HK and GBA Foster I&T Ecosystem to Boost Biomedical Commercialisation
International Law Struggles to Regulate Labor Migration
HKUMed Climbs to World’s 31st Best Medical School in 2023
HKUMed Develops 2D Ultrasound-Responsive Nano-Sheets to Combat Bone Infection
Norway-sized Forest Lost in 17 Yrs: Study
HKU Men’s Soccer Team clinches USFHK Inter-varsity Championship
CityU Scientists Create Energy-Saving 6G Comms Meta-Devices
Trio of OA agreements in Asia mark first for IOP Publishing
Animals Survive with Disgust Avoidance
Exploring 20th Century Chinese Oil Paintings’ Influences
HKU Dragon Boat Team Wins Overall Championship in Intercollegiate Competition
HKU Men’s Badminton Team wins third consecutive USFHK Championship
HKU Scientist studies risks of ocean climate tech on deep-sea life
China Develops Underglaze Blue Porcelain Production
HKU to award honorary degrees to 7 individuals at 209th Congregation
HKU Engineers Unlock Key to Safer, Efficient Lithium Battery
CityU Unites Colors with Primes: Study
HKU Biologists Find Key to Preserve Genome Integrity, Aid Cancer Research
HKUMed: New Glucose-Lowering Drug Reduces Risk of Diseases
HKU Launch of Talk with Flow Mental Health School Tour
HKU Dentistry Creates New Material For Replacing Human Teeth
Jockey Club Launches Mindfulness Culture in Schools Guidebook
CityU Develops Wireless E-Skin for Virtual Touch Communication
HKUMed Identifies Novel Host Protease Determinants for Covid Infection
HKU admits eight outstanding athletes under Top Athletes Direct Admission Scheme 2023/24
Engineer Generates Fermat’s Spiral Patterns with Aqueous System
Histone Mark Decoded: Key to Gene Regulation in Cancer
HKUMed Develops Targeted Drug Delivery System for Obesity, Atherosclerosis
VR Intervention Reduces Pain, Anxiety in Kids’ Blood Draws
CityU Scientists Create Breath-Powered Face Mask to Reduce Environmental Burden
HKU Fencing Team Wins Intercollegiate Championship
Singapore Team Develops Method to Measure Biological Ageing
HKUMed: 3-4 Doses of CoronaVac Effective vs. Omicron Infection
George Institute, CUHK Partner to Advance Health in China
NiS2/FeS Nanoflowers Enable High-Performance Sodium Storage
HKU Scientists Find New Neural Mechanism for Regulating Water Intake
Yuan & Early Ming Dynasty Ceramics: Inherited & Innovated Art & Tech
Global Wetland Losses Overestimated, Stanford Study Shows
HKUMed: 3-4 Doses of Vaccines Effective in Preventing Omicron Infection
HKUMed establishes international consensus recommendations on using plasma EBV DNA in clinical management of nasopharyngeal carcinoma
Effectiveness of Covid Vaccines Assessed Over Time
HKUMed Finds Gene for Better Breast Cancer Treatment
HKUST Uncovers Rare Tumor Cell Spies