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HKU FinTech Indices reveal a positive outlook for 2020-21 despite negative impact from COVID-19 and protests
HKU-codeveloped automated laser-scanning ‘hunter drone’ seeks out fossils, minerals and biological targets
Hamsters develop protective immunity to COVID-19 and are protected by convalescent sera
University of Hong Kong – codeveloped automated laser-scanning ‘hunter drone’ seeks out fossils
Dimethylsulfoniopropionate concentration in coral reef invertebrates varies according to species assemblages
HKU develops non-destructive method of analysing molecules in cells
HKUMed introduced and carried out Asia’s first Water Vapour Thermal Therapy for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
Hong Kong’s First Historical Exhibition on Amateur Naturalists- surprising ways amateurs helped create ecology
Quantum material research connecting physicists in Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai facilitates discovery of better
HKU Engineering develops handy thermography fever detection system for public transportations
HKU scientists and collaborators uncover a new mechanism for balancing protein stability during neuronal
HKUMed researchers reveal clinical characteristics and epidemiological trend of COVID-19 infected children
Mangroves at risk of collapse if emissions not reduced by 2050, international scientists predict
Mangroves at risk if carbon emissions not reduced by 2050, international scientists predict
Mangroves at risk if carbon emissions not reduced by 2050, scientists predict
UQ, CEPI and CSL partner for COVID-19
University of Queensland, CEPI and CSL partner to advance development and manufacture of COVID-19 vaccine candidate
HKUMed discovers a novel mediator of cerebral ischaemia injury and its underlying mechanism which can be a
HKU statisticians develop online diagnostic system for screening COVID-19 with AI technologies based on chest CT
For Each Day’s Delay in Social Distancing, a COVID-19 Outbreak Lasts Days Longer
HKUMed introduces latest robotic arm assisted joint replacement technology for enhancing surgical precision
Study shows that sea level could rise more than 1m by 2100 if emission targets are not met
Tropical Ocean Diversity Declines Ar Not All Humanity’s Fault
HKU ecologists and international team discover ongoing and future tropical diversity decline
HKU iDendron incubatee Hollo wins 2020 Microsoft Imagine Cup World Champion
HKU marine ecologists reveal larvicidal oil for mosquito control threatens coastal marine life and pollutes
UMAG re-opens with new contemporary art exhibitions on display
University of Hong Kong – Standard Chartered Hong Kong 150th Anniversary Community Foundation FinTech Academy
Metagenomics reveals distinct microbiotypes in giant clams Tridacna maxima
Virtual hackathon unites international community to tackle Covid-19
HKU Launches “HKU Sync with U” Music Relay Initiative Supported by Secondary Schools to Cheer Hong Kongers on
HKU organises Big Ideas virtual forum on Combatting COVID-19 Pandemic
HKUMed researchers discovered novel coronavirus can infect more efficiently than SARS-CoV in human airways
A Big Comeback for a Little Switch
Researchers devise new model to track COVID-19’s spread
New privacy threat combines device identification with biometric information
HKU-led study accurately tracks COVID-19 spread with big data
Game theory suggests more efficient cancer therapy
HKUMed research examines how Hong Kong managed first wave of COVID-19 without resorting to complete lockdown
HKU to establish COVID Relief FUND
HKUMed research shows that stroke patients are presenting to hospitals one hour later during
Study unlocks secret of corals’ tolerance to climate change: their diet
HKU Engineering leads strategic public policy research on MiC supply chain
HKU biomedical engineers achieve significant breakthrough
HKU Biomedical Engineering develops novel 3D imaging technology to make fluorescence microscopy more
HKU launches online series “Fireside Wednesday”
HKU joins International Universities Climate Alliance
Research suggested surgical masks could prevent transmission of seasonal coronaviruses