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HKU marine ecologists reveal ecological impacts of accidental palm stearin spill to coastal
8th Cross-Border Elderly Care Seminar Development of Elderly Care Ecology
HKUMed successfully performed Asia’s first magnetic sphincter augmentation for gastroesophageal
HKU confirms that some flu vaccines cause a stronger immune response in older adults
HKU scientists develop a deep learning approach to predict disease-associated mutations
HKU Plant Scientists Identify New Strategy to Enhance Rice Grain Yield
HKU discovers gut microbiota and its metabolites as key factors for exercise efficacy
Postponement of 2020 JUPAS Application Deadline
HKU develops inhaled dry powder formulation of messenger RNA Opens up new possibilities for treating
IMPORTANT: Work and security arrangements for Tuesday 19 November
Postponement of Nov 20th ‘HKU Dialogue’
IMPORTANT: Work and security arrangements for 18 November
Work arrangements for 15-17 November
IMPORTANT: Arrangements for classes and work on 14-16 November
IMPORTANT: Arrangements for classes and work on 13 November
Classes and work arrangements on Tuesday November 12
HKU Launches “Social Innovations for Sustainable Communities” Programme
Newly launched HKU FinTech Index Series shows positive outlook for 2020
HKU Engineering team invents novel Direct Thermal Charging Cell for Converting low-grade waste heat
HKU astronomy research team unveils one origin of globular clusters around giant galaxies
Nuclear “magic numbers” collapse beyond doubly magic Nickel 78
HKU-led study tracks 17 languages and finds all languages convey information
Viable alternatives to trophy hunting exist, say scientists
Effectiveness of an Arts-based Program in Enhancing Playfulness and Well-Being of Parents and Young
HKU releases 2019 Fourth Quarter Hong Kong Macroeconomic Forecast
HKU Linguist’s Project on Endangered Language Helps to Bring Sight to Remote Village
HKU chemical biologists identify a new histone mark that regulates chromatin structure during gene
Task Force Provides Insights and Direction on Cell-Based Therapies
HKU announces its 2019-2020 MUSE Season
What colour were fossil animals? HKU palaeontologists evaluate fossil colour reconstruction methods
HKU archaeological team excavates at one of major fortress-settlements
HKU iClass LMS acquired by Hailiang Education Group
Collaborative efforts in tackling Antibiotic Resistance Worldwide scholars gathered
HKU discovers previously unidentified mechanisms of obesity-induced insulin resistance and
Reinventing Japanese Traditions in 21st Century Living Kogei
HKU admission standards highest in Hong Kong
UNSW joins international researchers to boost fintech in Qatar
HKU Civil Engineering Professor awarded “Distinguished Young Investigator of China Frontiers
Opening remarks by President and Vice-Chancellor Professor Xiang Zhang at HKU
HKU Develops a New Platform for Accelerating Protein Engineering and Optimising CRISPR
HKU statement on police officers entering University campus
Physicists find first possible 3D quantum spin liquid
HKU chemists develop a fast and robust assay for comprehensive evaluation of bromodomain
Bilingual News Glossary App ‘Newssary’, developed by Dr Eva Ng of HKU Faculty of Arts
President and Vice-Chancellor of University of Hong Kong Professor Xiang Zhang responds
HKUMed reports real-time population data on depression and suicidal ideation
HKU releases 2019 Third Quarter Hong Kong Macroeconomic Forecast
Statement by HKU President and Vice-Chancellor Professor Xiang Zhang