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Government aid helps counteract COVID-19’s economic damage, more could be needed
Some of latest climate models provide unrealistically high projections of future warming
Cutting animal-based foods in US diet by half could prevent 1.6 billion tons of GHG emissions by 2030
Catching nuclear smugglers: Fast algorithm could enable cost-effective detectors at borders
Switchbacks and spikes: Parker Solar Probe data consistent with 20-year-old theory
Thousands of miles of planned Asian roads threaten heart of tiger habitat
Game theory and COVID-19: Major defense project pivots to explore how to coordinate safe behavior
COVID-19 shocks food supply chain, spurs creativity and search for resiliency
U.S. President Trump Announces Judicial Nominees 30 April
Local farms, stores fill gap for groceries
Lessons from Flint: Government agencies must legally prepare for public health crises
Survey: 1 in 5 Detroiters will be out of money in 3 months because of COVID-19
Why we adopt then abandon online safety practices
Depth and length of coronavirus recession mount
Discovery of protein’s configuration could lead to more effective anti-obesity treatments
Better obesity treatments may lie ahead after discovery of key protein structure
K-12 online learning platform from University of Michigan sees dramatic rise in use
University of Michigan-approved face shield design guides makers addressing PPE shortage through 3D printing
UMS president discusses future of performing arts, planning new season during a pandemic
Children with access to SNAP fair better as adults
Researchers train tech tool to find relationship clues from written conversations
University of Michigan releases resource guide for nonprofits seeking public assistance
Extreme interest in crowdsourced projects requires more traditional management
Coping with COVID-19: Adults turn to alcohol, marijuana
Without protections, watch out for unintended consequences of COVID-19 immunity tests
Lab-on-a-chip COVID-19 antibody test could offer rapid, accurate results
Turning on ‘off switch’ in cancer cells
Coronavirus: Release of older at-risk prisoners with violent records poses little crime risk
Remembering Kenneth Keniston, founder of MIT Program in Science, Technology, and Society
International consortium investigates overactive immune cells as cause of COVID-19 deaths
Restoring consumer confidence
Co-delivery of IL-10 and NT-3 to Enhance Spinal Cord Injury Repair
Lifting restrictions on Michigan’s nurses
University of Michigan helping Detroit’s small businesses locate
Michigan Stadium seismometer captures eerie quiet during pandemic
No kidding: Theater improv makes you happier, creative, tolerant of uncertainty
Prisons, domestic violence and COVID-19
Physically active older veterans fall more, but hurt themselves less
Coronavirus, marriage and depression
New ‘House Calls’ livestream series features virtual studio visits with Michigan artists
Automated ‘pipeline’ improves access to advanced microscopy data
New website answers Michiganders’ questions about federal stimulus checks
Offshore oil and gas platforms release more methane than previously estimated
Fight COVID-19 by supporting health care workers, researchers & people in need
Mandated TB vaccination predicts flattened curves for COVID-19 spread
High jobless rates expected but improvement seen in 2nd half of 2020
World’s most complex microparticle: A synthetic that outdoes nature’s intricacy
Stimulus checks might not reach those who need them most