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New pieces added to molecular puzzle of rheumatoid arthritis
A ‘whodunnit’ crime drama that draws students back into class wins Australia’s top uni teaching prize
Engineering for better brewing and wine-making
Climate change threatens research itself
2020 leaders in workplace gender equality announced
Climate action plans must include threats on research, warn academics
Australian farmers to reap rewards from weed chipper
‘Significant step’ in COVID-19 vaccine quest
Funding boost for Queensland-Chinese research projects
We must prioritise protection of ecosystems
Funding boosts to propel Griffith trio’s research
Boys or girls don’t run in families
Reporting facts on Indigenous STIs
Lung transplant survivor beats odds through ground breaking treatment
Solar technology breakthrough at UQ
Backing important coronavirus research
Immunity key to motor neurone disease treatment
Dinosaur in cupboard under stairs
Snoring is in your genes
Second antibiotic no advantage for treating super-bug Golden Staph
Brisbane Metro reaches critical milestone as South Brisbane works begin
Research reverses reproductive clock in mice
Biodiversity offsetting is contentious – here’s an alternative
Rangeland weeds in splatter gun scope
‘Rule breaking’ plants may be climate change survivors
Statement from QRC Chief Executive Ian Macfarlane on mining safety reviews
Parenting can transform children, families, communities and big global problems
Primate venom sheds light on why so many people suffer cat allergies
UQ researchers develop framework for climate change mitigation in mining
Positive outcome for Hendra antibody trial
Window commission sparks conversations about future cities
Squid brains approach those of dogs
Helping prevent eco-interventions from backfiring
Blues seal victory in VIC Super Slam final
Squid brains approach that of dogs
Unhealthy and unhappy – mental toll of troubled relationships
Flip flops not as bad for feet as previously thought – new research
UQ responds to coronavirus outbreak
Large marine parks can save sharks from overfishing threat
UQ responds to coronavirus pandemic
Walking sharks discovered in tropics
How do environmental factors impact Queensland’s fisheries?
Controlling molecular glue protects connections between brain cells
Majority of cannabis consumed in Australia is by daily users
Study to fight food insecurity in Indigenous communities
Cutting through fog with laser focus
Therapy at home helping people with dementia
New exhibition dives deep into origins of life at UQ Art Museum