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Australia’s bungled COVID vaccine rollout suffers another setback
Suicidality among childbearing women a major challenge
Marine life is fleeing equator to cooler waters
Clean energy? world’s demand for copper could be catastrophic for communities and environments
E-cigarettes help smokers quit for good
Solving mammal brain size puzzle
Marine species fleeing equator, study confirms
A new way to prevent childhood obesity
DNA testing reveals hidden coral diversity
Australia urged to send 1 million vaccines to PNG
Virtual reality to help patients speak up
Studying spread of a virtual, safe epidemic
A genetic solution to ensure sorghum stands firm
Here’s how Australia will look if world heats by 3℃ this century
Risks to Australia of a 3°C warmer world
Griffith victorious in Brisbane Aon Uni 7s round
Mystery of photosynthetic algae evolution finally solved
UNM teams up with international researchers to study snowmelt
Essential oils may help gut health of new-age chicks
National Drug Discovery Centre announces new projects
Pregnant mothers’ stress during floods can disadvantage their babies, but it’s not inevitable
Vaccine researchers striking back against flystrike
Queenslanders to get their hands dirty to save lives
PERKii launches non-fermented Sparkling Probiotic Drink into 700 Coles Supermarkets to compete with kombucha
Funding win for UOW energy and cybersecurity projects
Australia’s golden girls confirmed ahead of 2021 Aon Uni 7s Series
‘Catch-22’ scenario good news for some cancer patients
Research partnerships unlocking Australian potential
Strengthening Australian research to strengthen our future
Cracking ‘code’ to predict recovery for patients with spinal cord injury
IUD saving fertility for women with cancer
UQ Sporting Scholarship recipients on road to Tokyo
Australia appoints new ambassador to Nepal
Disability highest for schizophrenia and personality disorders
Australia is sending 8,000 vaccine doses to PNG – but without reliable electricity, how will they be kept cold?
A new method makes it easier to research risk factors during pregnancy
Better, faster, smarter crop variety data for nation’s grain growers
New hope as research collaboration throws Alzheimer’s theory overboard
Preventative treatments decrease rate of tooth decay in Indigenous children
Dr. Patrick Roberts Receives Prestigious Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Prize
New Farm Business Management Skill Set program for women
PATH and UQ create custom proteins for malaria diagnostics
Chemotherapy with fewer side effects may be on way
UK variant is likely deadlier, more infectious and becoming dominant
Pollen forecasting research a boost for asthma and hay fever sufferers
You can have any colour as long as it’s red
Indigenous kids’ tooth decay rates reduced in remote north Queensland
COVID-19 wasn’t just a disaster for humanity – new research shows nature suffered greatly too