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Giving a voice to Latina immigrant mothers affected by COVID-19
New research to study impact of air pollution on children’s brain development and mental health
Increased tourniquet use has saved lives in Los Angeles County
Fighting climate change by eliminating jargon
Sugary drinks may affect long-term health of children 21 April
Regional Science Bowl Tests Knowledge and Adaptability
Analysis of famous fossil helps unlock when humans and apes diverged
Sugary drinks may affect long-term health of children
L.A.’s legacy of oil drilling impacts lung function in residents living near active and inactive wells
University of Southern California Information Sciences Institute researchers using AI to decode unique cultures
Maryam Shanechi to lead brain research supported by new NIH award
As many as 43,000 U.S. children have lost a parent to COVID-19
From Hate Speech to Genocide, Lessons from 1994 Genocide against Tutsi in Rwanda
Music videos provide far-reaching, under-the-radar advertising for vaping products
Stanford model reveals surprising disconnect between physical characteristics and genetic ancestry
Nearly 40,000 kids who lost a parent to COVID-19 need immediate support
Nearly 40,000 kids in U.S. who lost a parent to COVID-19 need immediate support
Drinking sugary beverages early in life could mean memory trouble later
Giving people with autism a voice in future research
University of Southern California Stem Cell study identifies molecular ‘switch’ that turns precursors into kidney cells
Sugar not so nice for your child’s brain development
Inspired by Her Father, Alum Seeks Better Treatments for Traumatic Brain Injury
With drop in LA’s vehicular aerosol pollution, plants emerge as major source
People affected by COVID-19 are being nicer to machines
Researchers investigate environment’s role in brain health
Can bacteria make stronger armor, cars and airplanes?
New cell therapy program will take ideas from lab to factory floor
Nearly 1,000 gather for conversation on safer fieldwork
More than 500,000 Americans live within 3 miles of natural gas flares
Can bacteria make better crack-resistant materials?
How telecommuting will change Los Angeles for better
Researcher wants to talk to Black menthol smokers – and retailers
Charters segregate schools but diversify neighborhoods
King Climate Action Initiative announces new research to test and scale climate solutions
‘Exercise hormone’ could prevent weight gain and maintain healthy muscles
Risk factors for opioid relapse differ between men and women
Mars rover Perseverance will look for signs of life backed by University of Southern California research
Sobering picture of L.A. County’s social and economic conditions documented
Monthly cost sharing doubles throughout year for some Medicare insulin users
University of Southern California biologists devise new way to track carbon buildup in ocean
Developing a picture of France
CLEO 2021 to Engage Global Audience with All-Virtual Format
Leading universities launch joint technology licensing program
Ya-Wen Chen receives grant to advance stem cell-based lung therapies
Hormones in brain may explain how exercise improves metabolism
Marine organisms use previously undiscovered receptors to detect, respond to light
Gendered division of labor shaped human spatial behavior, Stanford study suggests
Fighting racial inequity by funding Black scientists