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Genomic differences selected through evolution may offer clues as to why Covid outcomes vary widely
Report details potential problems caused by lack of diversity in clinical trials
Scientists create photonic materials for powerful, efficient light-based computing
New evidence on how adults’ large bone injuries repair
Scientists identify genetic variants linked to mobility changes in aging
Analysis of more than 82,000 autistic children’s health care usage data finds disparities
JNM Publishes Joint Guide for Establishment of Theranostics Centers
Synthetic ‘forever chemicals’ known as PFAS linked to liver damage
‘Longevity diet’ characteristics: What to eat for long life
New U.S. APEC Business Advisory Council Member Appointment
AI could save lives by helping liver transplant candidates too sick to survive sobriety ‘road test’
Innovative new surgery provides new hope for patient with prosthetic leg
NSF-backed project to examine ‘electrifying everything’ in Houston, LA
UK to Collaborate on $10 Million NSF Cyberinfrastructure Initiative
5 ways University of Southern California researchers are working to reduce waste
University of Southern California researchers seek sustainability solutions and advocate for change
Chemistry lab’s focus on plastics inspires Earth Day cleanup
Small ‘good cholesterol’ particles may have role in preventing Alzheimer’s
Mexican immigrants have to work longer due to inadequate Social Security benefits, study finds
When imprecision makes for better decisions
Protein that enables us to detect cold and menthol may also be key to migraine headaches
Study of data from NASA, ESA and Russian space agency explores effects of extended spaceflight on brain
Time-lapse images as living brain responds to experiences
Treatment which ‘switches off’ cancer cells and limits tumour growth, could make aggressive brain tumour easier to
University of Southern California’s cutting-edge biometrics research receives technology-transfer government contract
FSU-led research team receives $9M from National Academies of Sciences
Scientists can predict transfer of carbon – including pollution from cars – in ocean
As consultants in complex cases, plastic surgeons add hidden value for hospitals
Forget that doom-and-gloom attitude toward climate change
E-cigarettes reverse decades of decline in percentage of US youth struggling to quit nicotine
Major racial disparities found among older adults seeking treatment for substance use
Livermore WiDS provides forum for women in data science
Study links Food insecurity to cardiometabolic risks in Hispanic/Latino youths
Stem cell-derived retinal patch is shown to survive two years post-implantation
Visionary progress
Metastatic prostate cancer on rise since decrease in recommended screenings
Some of world’s lowest dementia rates are found in Amazonian indigenous groups
U.S. President Biden Announces Key Nominees 9 March
Autism correlated with changing sensory preferences during early childhood, study finds
Diet may play role in development of pregnancy complications among Hispanic/Latina women
Mammoths, meet metaverse
Optica Names 20 Recipients for 2022 Awards and Medals
University of Southern California endocrinologist takes Alzheimer’s disease research in new directions
University of Southern California Dornsife researchers examine mysteries of universe
Brother’s struggle inspires new Alzheimer’s and dementia research collaboration
Another reason why you should exercise: It helps your brain
Sir Andy Haines awarded 2022 Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement
Examining link between sleep and Alzheimer’s