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U.S.’s Supply Chain was Ticking Time Bomb. Here’s How to Rebuild It
Stroke drug shows promise in treating Alzheimer’s and dementia
Paralyzed Will Walk, Blind Will See: Bionics Revolution Is Coming
Assessing state, federal health policies for opioid use disorder treatment during pandemic
U.S. President Biden Announces Nominees for United States Postal Service Board of Governors
Can we coordinate water sources to recover more water sustainably?
Vaccine incentives don’t work – and may actually backfire, University of Southern California Marshall research finds
How does air pollution influence Alzheimer’s risk?
Study Adds Evidence That Altered Fat Metabolism, Enzyme, Plays Key Role in Lou Gehrig’s Disease
Keck Medicine of University of Southern California research has implications for detecting and treating hearing loss
How are alike are cancer cells from single patient?
Unhoused veterans struggle to find services
Inaugural University of Southern California Polarization Index reveals political divide remains critically high and immigration
New commentary paper highlights costs of defects in surgical care and calls for elimination of defects in value
Engineers report major advance in creating new family of semiconductor materials
How to do better job of cleaning salty water? By keeping desalination tools dry
Researcher envisions Siri-like assistants and VR travel for older people and their caregivers
Drug-like molecule points to novel strategies for cancer therapy
3D imaging of pelvis suggests social care for saber-tooths
University of Southern California Stem Cell provides ‘incubator’ for medicine of 21st century
Survival similar for younger and older patients with metastatic colorectal cancer, study finds
With proposed reauthorization of federal child abuse legislation, researchers make case to better help substance-exposed infants
When it comes to wireless communication, two lasers are better than one
Bass Military Scholar Andrew Hodlin awarded John S. Beasley II Scholarship
John Robinson to receive Paul “Bear” Bryant Lifetime Achievement Award
Keck Medicine of University of Southern California treatment plan significantly reduces hospitalizations and deaths of liver
Interrupting high-fat, high-calorie diet with fasting-mimicking diet helps mice live longer life
Aided by stem cells, lizard regenerates perfect tail for first time in 250 million years
Young people take centre stage at global conference on climate crisis
Researchers will use $10 million grant to address concussions in children
Concussions and kids: Project co-led by UCLA gets $10 million grant from NIH
University of Southern California studies show that clean air matters for healthy brain
Climate-Driven Mass Extinction No One Had Seen
Study maps major brain circuit in mouse brain
Neuroscientists map major circuit in mouse brain
Are women worse than men at salary negotiation?
U.S. President Biden Announces Intent to Nominate Chairs of National Endowments for Humanities and Arts
Princeton, University of Southern California research shows that immigration boosts U.S. life expectancy
Immigration boosts U.S. life expectancy, according to University of Southern California/Princeton study
Enlisting power of AI to fight California wildfires
Preventing and detecting TBI
When to break from herd to make better decision
Want to lose weight? Diet drinks might not be sweet spot
Hollings Cancer Center to be part of prestigious SPORE grant targeting health disparities
Computer algorithm called ‘Eva’ may have saved lives in Greece
Living donor liver transplants
Federal funding for Alzheimer’s continues to multiply at University of Southern California
Deaths tied to opioids rose among less-educated whites during stay-home order