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USC Sea Grant Assesses DDT Impact in L.A’s Ocean
Leukemic Mutation Doesn’t Always Lead to Leukemia
Erin Schuman is awarded with Brain Prize 2023
Clinical Trial Tests New Type 2 Diabetes Treatment
Urban Living Linked to Adolescent Obesity, Health Habits
For clues to healthy brain aging, look to Bolivian Amazon
Tasting Culture: Exploring Histories, Identities and Diversity
UC Davis Health announces new chief of transplant surgery
Abdallah Al Dardari Appointed as UNDP ASG and Regional Director
Nile River Delta Faces Existential Threats: Study
Hormone Replacement Therapy May Shield Heart and Brain Post-Menopause
Anti-Amyloid Treatment Fails to Slow Alzheimer’s Memory Loss
Investigational Anti-Amyloid Treatment Fails to Slow Memory Loss in A4 Study
How rideshare surge pricing impacts complaints
New research shows AI discloses dementia scale in India
Research: Less driving in L.A. leads to more air pollution exposure
FDA Mandate Linked to Lower Liver Injury in Acetaminophen-Opoid Meds
FDA Rule on Lowering Drug Dose Linked to Reduced Liver Injury
African Descent Men’s Prostate Cancer Study Could Improve Screening
Rare Tortoise Highlights WWD Conservation Priorities
USC to Lead Soil Tech Research Center in Industry Partnership
Cindy McCain Appointed New Head of WFP: Board Welcomes News
Industry-University Center to Track Soil Health
Russia Oligarchs at Risk from Wealth Manager Crackdown
High-powered processor for cutting-edge encryption
Research: ‘Forever Chemicals’ Disrupt Vital Body Processes
Prenatal Complications May Delay Infant Development
$20M Grant to Renew Funding for Transportation Center
USC Sustainability Research to Create Real World Change
Research Launches to Investigate Brain Aging Causes
DNA Methylation Identified as Key Biomarker of Epigenetic Ageing
Capturing Invisible Frog Sheds Light on Blood Flow
Are digital humans employees of future?
Hawaiʻi young adults rely on social media for Covid, health info
Operation Pangolin Launches to Save Endangered Species
Vapers, Smokers Have Similar DNA Damage: USC Study
Team Works to Make Coding More Accessible for Disabled
How old is your brain? Ask every hospital
Severe Weather Strains Grids: Research Reduces Demand, Improves Reliability
USC Studies Show Promising ALS Treatments
Mathematician Unlocks 4D Universe Mysteries
Electric Vehicle Adoption Improves Air Quality, Health
Electric Vehicles Reduce Air Pollution and Improve Health: Study
UNESCO Urges Global Action vs. Online Antisemitism
USC/CHLA Lab Accelerates Cell Therapy Advancement
Americans don’t know what’s healthy blood pressure – and that’s problem
Oil Spill Could Disrupt Global Energy Supply
Exactly how many senses do we really have?