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Study: COVID-19 infection rates high in pregnant women
Molecular Imaging Determines Effectiveness of Novel Metastatic Breast Cancer Treatment
Patient education program with mental health component reduces cardiovascular disease risks
Online tool displays Pacific Northwest mountain snow depth
Flooding in Columbia River basin expected to increase under climate change, study finds
TOPMed reports early data on large-scale sequencing
Limiting warming to 2 C requires emissions reductions 80% above Paris Agreement targets
New nationwide survey shows MAGA supporters’ beliefs about pandemic, election and insurrection
ORNL employees recognized with DOE Secretary’s Honor Awards
‘Audeo’ teaches artificial intelligence to play piano
Global warming found to be culprit for flood risk in Peruvian Andes, other glacial lakes
Scientists propose lithium to cope with high-risk condition in future fusion facilities
Marine organisms use previously undiscovered receptors to detect, respond to light
Firearm injury study and violence prevention, intervention program aim to break cycle for at-risk populations
UW books in brief: African American political theory, philosophy and migration, data science for health
Importance of fisheries management
New sensors quickly spot coronavirus proteins and antibodies
In Brazil, many smaller dams disrupt fish more than large hydropower projects
On nights before a full moon, people go to bed later and sleep less, study shows
Purported phosphine on Venus more likely to be ordinary sulfur dioxide, new study shows
COVID-19 increases mortality rate among pregnant women
Anti-poverty policies can reduce reports of child neglect
Fighting racial inequity by funding Black scientists
A Universal Port for Brain
Lab detects Washington’s 1st cases of UK COVID-19 strain
Ancient food scraps provide clues to past rainfall in Australia’s Northern Territory
Kakadu food scraps provide ancient rainfall clues
7 rocky planets orbiting TRAPPIST-1 may be made of similar stuff
TRAPPIST-1’s 7 Rocky Planets May Be Made of Similar Stuff
COVID-19 Virus Helps Block Host Immunity
Researchers use lasers and molecular tethers to create perfectly patterned platforms for tissue engineering
Erasmus+ grant opens doors
COVID-19 Reduced U.S. life expectancy, especially among Black and Latino populations
Astronomers document rise and fall of a rarely observed stellar dance
Sexual harassment claims considered more credible if made by ‘prototypical’ women
New therapy helps some regain motion lost to spinal injury
New treatment allows some people with spinal cord injury to regain hand and arm function
Researchers, Talkspace team to study digital psychotherapy
More management measures lead to healthier fish populations
Mild COVID-19 elicits persistent immune memory
Designer protein patches boost cell signaling
St. Jude Cloud offers a data-sharing genomic ecosystem for precision medicine era
AI algorithms detect diabetic eye disease inconsistently
2 specialists back single-dose vaccine strategy for COVID-19
Use of ocean resources changed as Dungeness crab fishing industry adapted to climate shock event
Rare transplant aims to resolve woman’s long bout of cancer
Warm oceans helped first human migration from Asia to North America
Book by Jackson School’s Taso Lagos explores rivalry between two charismatic early-20th century preachers