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NFL mouth guard research program includes UW Huskies
Kids, teens believe girls aren’t interested in computer science, study shows
Stereotypes in STEM Fields Start by Age Six
Wearable injector can detect and reverse opioid overdose
Clonal Hematopoiesis in Donor May Improve Bone Marrow Transplant Outcome
Wearable device can detect and reverse opioid overdose
Deep learning reveals how proteins interact
Discovery may lead to expanded donor pool for stem cell transplants for patients with cancer
Association of Covid public health measures with incidence of pink eye
Single-dose HPV vaccine highly effective, researchers say
PNNL-Led Study Delivers Road Map of Lung Development
Lung autopsies of Covid patients reveal treatment clues
Artificial intelligence successfully predicts protein interactions
Astronomers team up to create new approach to understand galaxy evolution
Lomasney to Lead Technology Deployment and Outreach at PNNL
Social robots deserve our appreciation, bioethicist says
Magee-Womens Research Institute Hosts Women’s Health Advocacy Conference
2021 Magee-Womens Summit
Pacific rockfish and tradeoffs of long life
Post-Covid symptoms appear rare in college athletes
UConn Names Jim Mora as Next Head Football Coach
Synthesizing Nanomaterials from Nature’s Blueprints
New method shows today’s warming ‘unprecedented’ over past 24,000 years
Immune evasion by delta and kappa variants explored
Political ads during 2020 presidential election cycle collected personal information and spread misleading information
Immunotherapy-Chemotherapy Treatment Coupled with In-Depth Genomic Analyses Leads to Improved Survival for Patients
Reduced air pollution in U.S. during pandemic shutdown linked to fewer heart attacks
Discrimination increases risk for mental health issues in young adults, UCLA-led study finds
Discrimination increases risk for mental health issues in young adults
Healable carbon fiber composite offers path to long-lasting, sustainable materials
Spiny mice regenerate damaged kidneys without scarring
Indigenous ARC project hopes to reverse decline of Sydney rock oyster
Race, age, sex and language affected telemedicine use by rheumatology clinic patients during Covid pandemic
New chair of UW Department of Bioengineering named
WHOI study reveals environmental DNA is reliable way to learn about migration from ocean twilight zone
Association for Molecular Pathology leaders publish recommendations to improve diagnostic testing response for current Covid
COVID-caused mammography delays hit minorities harder
UW oceanographer will study how glacial particles remove CO2 from atmosphere
Energy Secretary, Washington Governor Dedicate Energy Sciences Center at PNNL
Taming data deluge
Countermarketing based on anti-smoking campaigns reduces buying of sugary ‘fruit’ drinks for children
How Dungeness crabs’ complex lifecycle will be affected by climate change
After California’s 3rd-largest wildfire, deer returned home while trees were ‘still smoldering’
UCSF Weill Neurosciences Building Heralds New Era for Patients
Scientist collaborates on new device to enhance sleep
Fossil dental exams reveal how tusks first evolved and why they are unique only to mammals
DOD funds $4.3M human trial on device to enhance sleep
DOD Funds $4.3-million Initiative to Improve Sleep, Clearance of Brain