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Ships’ emissions create measurable regional change in clouds
Anatomy of a frogfish: New book explores world of fishes with arms, legs
New website facilitates donations of needed medical items
‘Sushi parasites’ have increased 283-fold in past
Scientists identify factors for predicting which patients with ovarian cancer won’t benefit from
‘Fatal attraction’: Small carnivores drawn to kill sites, then ambushed by larger kin
Survey: What blocks your bus?
Ocean acidification impacts oysters’ memory of environmental stress
ORNL team builds portable diagnostic for fusion experiments from off-the-shelf items
UW Medicine limits hospital visitors for patients’ safety
Certain combinations of cardiovascular drugs may reduce dementia risk
Climate change at Mt. Rainier expected to increase ‘mismatch’ between visitors and iconic
3D beating heart tissue experiment heads to Space Station
Millions of US workers at risk of infections on job, UW researchers calculate
Dimming Betelgeuse likely isn’t cold, just dusty, new study shows
Little Tissue, Big Mission: Beating Heart Tissues to Ride Aboard ISS
Evidence that devils suppress cats; researchers suggest mainland trial
Statement on COVID-19 case at Harborview Medical Center
New honors for scientists studying ‘ecosystem sentinels’
Study: AI improves radiologists’ readings of mammograms
Study suggests way to improve cytomegalovirus testing
Washington firearm safe storage map unveiled
Machine learning reveals earth tremor and slip occur continuously, not intermittently
Mapping genetic variants driving toxicity to leukemia therapy
COVID-19 coronavirus spike holds infectivity details
Let there be ‘circadian’ light
Scientists amplify ‘green’ research at AAAS
Return of whales to South Georgia
Signed orders help patients avoid unwanted ICU care
Simple, fuel-efficient rocket engine could enable cheaper, lighter spacecraft
Earth’s cousins: Upcoming missions to look for ‘biosignatures’
Researchers at AAAS to discuss latest science on Cascadia earthquake hazards
Effectiveness of travel bans – readily used during infectious disease outbreaks – mostly unknown
Hydropower dams cool rivers in Mekong River basin, satellites show
Immune cells consult with neighbors to make decisions
CoralChange: a project to study and protect threatened coral by global change
Hot topics in UW Medicine science at AAAS meeting
Perspective in NEJM: Modernize scope-of-practice laws
New clues emerge on how to block reemergence of HIV
Polar bears in Baffin Bay skinnier, having fewer cubs due to less sea ice
Gut microbe imbalance may stunt CF babies’ growth
UW study reveals gender, racial disparities in evictions
Increases in minimum wage may not have anticipated positive health effects, study shows
How some mammals pause their pregnancies
Altruistic babies? Study shows infants are willing to give up food, help others
Parentese helps parents, babies make ‘conversation’ and boosts language development
One ring – to track your finger’s location
New center to fund ‘most exciting’ biomedical discoveries