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Genetic Engineering without Unwanted Side-Effects Helps Fight Parasites
How Nearby Galaxies Form their Stars
Brain Stem Cells Divide over Months
Talking like a woman in TED Talks is associated with more popularity
‘Trojan horse’ bacteria could help defeat antibiotic-resistant infections
COVID-19 Edition of Science Barometer Switzerland: People Seek Stronger Voice for Science on Pandemic Issues
ERC Consolidator Grants: Four Million Euros for UZH Researchers
Natural Selection also Increases Adaptability of Organism
Earlier than expected
IOP Publishing expands open access journal portfolio with launch of Neuromorphic Computing and Engineering
Wheat Diversity Due to Cross-Hybridization with Wild Grasses
Prehistoric Shark Hid Its Largest Teeth
Rise of Emil Bührle as an Industrialist and Art Collector
Vitamin D and Omega-3s Bolster Health in Some Active Older People
Western research team awarded US Office of Naval Research ‘Global-X’ grant to develop world first event-based
Host Genetic Factors Shape Composition of Virus Communities
Scientists identify synthetic mini-antibody to combat COVID-19
Swiss Fatalism Protects Against Negative Feelings in Pandemic
ARPANSA appoints new electromagnetic energy Director
Building blocks of language evolved 30-40 million years ago
Multiple Sclerosis as Flip Side of Immune Fitness
Cognitive Elements of Language Have Existed for 40 Million Years
Languages and Genes Shed Light on pre-Incan Cultural Development in Central Andes
Early Trauma Influences Metabolism Across Generations
New study highlights risks associated with sequential infection of influenza followed by COVID-19
Central Asian Horse Riders Played Ball Games 3,000 Years Ago
Forearm artery reveals human evolution continues
Breaking coupling process
Evolution in Action: New Plant Species at Urnerboden
Woodpeckers’ Drumming: Conserved Meaning Despite Different Structure over Years
Wildcats threatened by their domestic cousins
Zurich Was Linked to Slavery through State Bonds, Trade and Plantations
Post-Lockdown: No Clustering of Coronavirus Infections in Zurich Schools prior to Summer Break
Reprogramming Brain Cells Enables Flexible Decision-Making
Catalyst Fund selects six projects in its 2020 funding round
Business School academic wins £1m grant for research project into ‘non-traditional leadership’
Swiss Dinosaur Skeleton to Become Museum’s Latest Showpiece
Young Researchers Win 4.5 Million Euros in Funding
A Key Link in Immune Response of Plants
How Plants Close their Gates when Microbes Attack
UZH Introduces Five New University Research Priority Programs
Artificial materials for more efficient electronics
Syphilis May Have Spread through Europe before Columbus
Trustful Collaboration Critical for Outcome of Therapy
New Guinea named world’s most plant-rich island
Long Neck Helped Reptile Hunt Underwater
Untangling Particles with Artificial Intelligence
New Guinea Has World’s Richest Island Flora