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Wildcats threatened by their domestic cousins
Zurich Was Linked to Slavery through State Bonds, Trade and Plantations
Post-Lockdown: No Clustering of Coronavirus Infections in Zurich Schools prior to Summer Break
Reprogramming Brain Cells Enables Flexible Decision-Making
Catalyst Fund selects six projects in its 2020 funding round
Business School academic wins £1m grant for research project into ‘non-traditional leadership’
Swiss Dinosaur Skeleton to Become Museum’s Latest Showpiece
Young Researchers Win 4.5 Million Euros in Funding
A Key Link in Immune Response of Plants
How Plants Close their Gates when Microbes Attack
UZH Introduces Five New University Research Priority Programs
Artificial materials for more efficient electronics
Syphilis May Have Spread through Europe before Columbus
Trustful Collaboration Critical for Outcome of Therapy
New Guinea named world’s most plant-rich island
Long Neck Helped Reptile Hunt Underwater
Untangling Particles with Artificial Intelligence
New Guinea Has World’s Richest Island Flora
Relatively High-Quality Reporting on Coronavirus Pandemic
Relativ hohe Qualität der Berichterstattung zur Corona-Pandemie
Hedonism Leads to Happiness
Big Brains and Dexterous Hands
Predicting Biodiversity of Rivers
Blueprint of Oxytocin Receptor Facilitates Development of New Autism Drugs
Bird Diversity in Swiss Alps in Decline
How Venus Flytraps also Snap
Long-term Sight on Horizon
Restoring Vision Through Electrical Stimulation
1.5 Billion People Will Depend on Water from Mountains
How body fights off urinary tract infections
UBS Extends Its Engagement with University of Zurich
Genetic Malfunction of Brain Astrocytes Triggers Migraine
Deep Drone Acrobatics
Surprising Signal in Dark Matter Detector
New $2.9M grant to fund science and religion research
A Flight to Weightlessness from Dübendorf
Humans disrupt giraffes’ social system
Human presence weakens social relationships of giraffes
Newly Identified Gene Reduces Pollen Number of Plants
ETH researchers deconstruct tissue repair
Mapping Immune Cells in Brain Tumors
Increased Usability and Precision in Vascular Imaging
Ancient giant armoured fish fed in a similar way to basking sharks
Prehistoric Giant Fish Was a Suspension Feeder
Nature-inspired CRISPR enzymes for expansive genome editing
More Selective Elimination of Leukemia Stem Cells and Blood Stem Cells
Lipid Metabolism Controls Brain Development
Workers Happy despite Crisis and Uncertainty