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First papers publish in Neuromorphic Computing and Engineering – IOP Publishing’s new open access journal
Anatomy of planet
New Algorithm Flies Drones Faster than Human Racing Pilots
Awareness without sense of self
T-cell ‘training grounds’ behind robust immune system response seen in adenovirus vaccines
“Long COVID”: More than a quarter of COVID-19 patients still symptomatic after 6 months
Preserving knowledge and keeping up links
Pumped to assist heart with an artificial aorta
International team develops predictive tool to help mitigate COVID-19 in Africa
Mixed cultures for a greater yield
Preventing break-in of toxoplasmosis parasite
New model simulates tsunamis caused by iceberg calving
Twenty-year study links childhood depression to disrupted adult health and functioning
Microscopy Deep Learning Predicts Viral Infections
Chamoli Disaster Could Happen Again
When physics meets financial networks
Language Extinction Triggers Loss of Unique Medicinal Knowledge
Approval for New Alzheimer’s Drug Developed at UZH
Scientists discover a new genetic form of ALS in children
Not fear, but goal importance and others’ behavior makes you favour COVID-19 measures
A deep dive into brain
New Microscopy Method Reaches Deeper into Living Brain
Artificial Neurons Recognize Biosignals in Real Time
How tendons become stiffer and stronger
Missing role of finance in climate mitigation scenarios
Accounting for finance is key for climate mitigation pathways
Young Orangutans Have Sex-Specific Role Models
Cholesterol Levels Sustainably Lowered Using Base Editing
New Technology Makes Tumor Eliminate Itself
Study: Researchers use eel-like protein to control brain
African wild dog: An ambassador for world’s largest terrestrial conservation area
African Wild Dog: An Ambassador for World’s Largest Nature Reserve
Biomarker Detects Severe COVID-19 Early On
Defective Epithelial Barriers Linked to Two Billion Chronic Diseases
With Advent of New Treatments, PET Imaging Adds Valuable Information to Brain Metastasis Monitoring
Stress and Mental Health Problems During First COVID-19-Lockdown
A physics perspective on wound healing
Young people who experience bullying are more likely to fantasise about committing acts of violence – study
First Comprehensive Single-Cell Atlas of Human Teeth
UZH Awards Seven Honorary Doctorates
3D models to explore future of urban digitization
UZH Physicist Awarded Funding of 2.5 Million Euros
Know your ally: Cooperative male dolphins can tell who’s on their team
Climate has shifted axis of Earth
UZH Researchers Find New Measure to Predict Stress Resilience
Toward a More Digital, Sustainable and Diverse Future
Joyful Screams Perceived More Strongly than Screams of Fear or Anger
Study unlocks how wild bees can survive habitat pressures