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From honours degree to a deep dive into abalone industry
$90,000 Raised in First Inter-Generational Wipeout Dementia
‘Submarines’ small enough to deliver medicine inside human body
Australian scientist in running for APEC Science Prize
Dolphin study reveals genes essential for species’ survival
UNSW and ABC reveal Australia’s Top 5 science scholars
Inter-Generational Wipeout Dementia Calls for Social Change across Lifespan
‘Noise cancelling headphones’ for quantum computers: international collaboration launched
UNSW secures place in Randstad’s top 20 best places to work
Birdwatchers boost NSW economy
Labor commits almost $6 million to improve university access for disadvantaged students
UNSW presents Elizabeth Blackburn, Telomere Effect – Sydney Science Festival – 16/08
Researchers can now tell how accurate two-qubit calculations in silicon really are
Labor commits $15m for National Health and Climate Centre at UNSW
Global study predicts more than 50% rise in chemotherapy demand by 2040
These crystals really do heal – thanks to biomedical and chemical engineers
Richard Grellman AM Awarded Honorary Doctorate
Pacific can be more than a ‘nursery’ for Australian exporters
Controlling killer robots: how do we do it?
Professor Brodaty Keynote Speaker at Australia/China Dementia Forum
In-body fibre optic imaging to go 3D
Mentoring and allowing serendipity key to great science: Sir Fraser Stoddart
Review Highlights Need to Identify and Treat Pseudodementia
Improved Clinical Criteria for Diagnosing Vascular Cognitive Disorders
Entrepreneur built his success in eye of a perfect storm
Maryia’s monumental move to Business School
Bringing Sydney Rock Oyster reefs back from extinction
Genetic Risk for Cardiovascular Health is Not Necessarily Linked to Exceptional Longevity
Inflammation linked to chemical imbalance in schizophrenia
Suicide rates in suicidal people discharged from hospital down 50%
Universities to survey international students about exploitation
Lipidome Study Shows Link to Longer Lifespan
Dogged researchers show dingoes keep feral cats in check
Whooping cough evolving to beat antibiotics and possibly vaccine
Building a smart city with power system enhanced by AI and hydrogen storage
Paving way for universal health coverage: World Health Day
NHMRC National Institute for Dementia Research Tour
Maths whiz solves 48-year-old multiplication problem
Making an impact on Global Day of Engineer
Scientists prove that binary stars reflect light from one another
Collaboration with Indian partners produces smart energy policy brief for cities
UNSW research has highest impact on society, new assessment shows
Underemployment: epidemic federal budget needs to address
After Opal Tower: UNSW researchers to investigate major building defects
Obesity and alcohol responsible for nearly 30,000 cases of breast cancers in next decade
UNSW leads way in research excellence, says ERA analysis
Australian parents susceptible to anti-vaccination messaging from politicians
When student is scientist: gaming brings STEMM to life