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Importance of fighting inequality: Julia Gillard on lessons learnt from pandemic
Stormy times still ahead unless lessons are learnt from recent floods
Monkeypox in Australia: what is it and how can we prevent spread?
Despite uncertainty, there is hope for long COVID patients
UNSW awarded over $13m in NHMRC clinical trials funding
$3.3 Million to Understand Generational Health Challenges that Influence Dementia Prevalence
UNSW receives $4.7m to pursue health prevention research
Forming a Plan B can stop people driving into floodwaters
With tiny transistors, researchers pave way for next-gen 2D technology
Mountain pygmy-possums find new home at Lithgow breeding facility
Humans have big plans for mining in space – but there are many things holding us back
Major crypto gift boosts UNSW’s fight against future pandemics
Extreme storms could help protect beaches from sea-level rise
How extreme storms can replenish beaches, not just erode them
One in three people with chronic pain have difficulty accessing ongoing prescriptions for opioids
Australian scientists share why science matters
UNSW recycling and clean energy initiative secures Trailblazer funding
Rethinking chronic low back pain exercises
Australia could rapidly shift to clean transport – if we had a strategy
Stuff-up or conspiracy? Whistleblowers claim Facebook deliberately let important non-news pages go down in news blackout
Citizens for climate action: power of individuals banding together
Green light for net zero Decarbonisation Hub
UNSW announced as home for NSW’s decarbonisation hub
Australia must invest in Indo-Pacific health workforce and locally-led systems
Australia Ensemble UNSW names Emerging Composer Fellowship winner
New reports inform future of health in our region
Australia’s next government must tackle our collapsing ecosystems and extinction crisis
Hospitals only note a person’s intellectual disability 20% of time – so they don’t adjust their care
ACCC says consumers need more choices about what online marketplaces are doing with their data
We found a hidden source of greenhouse gases – organic matter in groundwater
Rainforest birds in decline in black summer bushfire aftermath
UNSW jumps 41 places in 2022 global impact rankings
Net zero by 2050 will hit a major timing problem technology can’t solve
Patients leaving hospital sometimes need opioids
Underfunded, overworked, and underpaid
Orthopaedic surgeons not complying with advertising guidelines
There’s more than one way to grow a baby
Labor vows to tackle NDIS crisis – what’s needed is more autonomy for people with disability
Windows to soul: Pupils reveal ‘aphantasia’, absence of visual imagination
Windows to soul: Pupils reveal ‘aphantasia’ – absence of visual imagination
Many places are starting to wind back COVID restrictions, but this doesn’t mean pandemic is over yet
Does music improve overall health and wellbeing?
Has monitoring of professional athletes’ intimate information gone too far?
Bungled vaccine rollout, welcome financial support – here’s what Aussies thought of Morrison’s COVID response
Tertiary students bring buzz back to Parramatta CBD
CRISPR gene editing reveals biological mechanism behind common blood disorder
Next COVID wave is here. Why for some of us it’s OMG and for others it’s meh
Shaping better conversations about asylum: Kaldor Centre releases Principles for Australian Refugee Policy