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‘I was 44 years old when diagnosed with Parkinson’s’: Parkinson’s Awareness Month
‘I was 44 years old when diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease’: Parkinson’s Awareness Month
Ovaries. Talk About Them
Scientists shed more light on molecules linked to life on other planets
Scientists see weed as an ocean solution
UNSW researcher awarded $1.8m international life science grant
How spinifex gets its hole
How spinifex got its hole
Funding drives research into treating people with ADHD and cardiometabolic diseases
Art meets science at new frontier with 3D visualisation
Global dataset uncovers community relocations amid disasters and climate change
UNSW project investigates how rooftop solar can support electric power system
Mystery of photosynthetic algae evolution finally solved
How will climate change affect hailstorms?
Dogs gone wild: DNA tests show most ‘wild dogs’ in Australia are pure dingoes
Dogs gone wild: DNA tests show almost all ‘wild dogs’ in Australia are dingoes
Changes to river flows are having a ‘damming’ impact on platypuses
Recreating perfect tide to protect coastal wetlands from rising sea levels
Swinburne joins new sustainability and waste consortium
UNSW Sydney partnership with Randwick Health and Innovation Precinct reaches new heights
Dementia Prevention Action Plan Needed Now
Elon Musk’s million people on Mars by 2050 not likely
I ain’t afraid of no ghosts: people with mind-blindness not so easily spooked
Funding Success in Dementia Australia Research Foundation Grants
Happiness of Centenarians a Severely Neglected Area of Research
UNSW alumnus awarded world’s top Brain Prize
Earth has a hot new neighbour – and it’s an astronomer’s dream
Nerve damage after chemo: potential risk factors revealed
UNSW Sydney has six subjects ranked in top 20 globally
Opioid agonist treatment could substantially reduce drug related deaths if used more widely
Pancreatic cancer clinical trial program to target genome and scar tissue
On Forgiveness: UNSW’s 2021 Gandhi Oration
Baby mice have a skill that humans want – and this microchip might help us learn it
Pancreatic cancer clinical trial program to target genome an
Research informs Sports Medicine Australia’s new heat policy
New vaccine needed for serious childhood pneumonia
Dingo effects on ecosystem visible from space
How to lead a business with purpose
Stromatolites – fossils of earliest life on Earth – may owe existence to viruses
Ancient relic points to a turning point in Earth’s history 42,000 years ago
Stromatolites – fossils of Earth’s earliest lifeforms – may owe their existence to viruses
Increasing Glutathione Levels Lowers Alzheimer’s Pathology and Improves Cognitive Decline
All colours of dingo: not just a yellow dog
New online tool to help navigate IVF
Sea level data confirms climate modeling projections were right
Academics condemn unconstitutional attack on democracy in Myanmar
New report sounds alarm on Australia’s social housing crisis
New report shows progress made on homelessness in response to COVID-19 slipping away – tens of thousands face huge rental debts