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Long Covid Drug Target: Immune Cell Malfunction Identified
Aged Brain’s Meningeal Membranes Linked to Disability
Low Dose Radiation Increases Heart Disease Risk
Low Dose Radiation Raises Heart Disease Risk
1 in 5 Patients Refusing Statins at Risk of Heart Disease
How Common is Depression After Stroke?
Molecular Cause of Abdominal Aneurysms Discovered
Big data initiative discovers new causal pathways in Alzheimer’s
Some stroke patients become more fatigued afterwards
Does risk for heart disease start before birth?
Risk of Heart Disease Begins in Utero?
Experts Redefine Alzheimer’s ‘Clinical Meaningfulness’
European funding for five projects
More Patients May Benefit from Surgery for Pulmonary Embolism
Stroke Symptoms: Seek Medical Help Even If They Disappear
Stroke Symptoms Need Emergency Assessment, Even if Brief
Maintaining Gut Enzyme Prevents Diabetic Blindness
Two Eye Diseases Found to Contribute to Blinding Condition
2 Eye Diseases Linked to Common Blinding Condition: Mt. Sinai Study
Michigan Health Lab’s most read articles of 2022
Wearable Skin Patch Measures Deep-Tissue Hemoglobin
$8 million awarded to UniSA researchers to tackle cancer, medicine harm, vascular disease and miscarriages
Pioneering AI technology to help reduce risk of vision loss, stroke
Researchers Find That Brains with More Vitamin D Function Better
Scientists find that brains with more vitamin D function better
Parkinson’s medication improved blood pressure in teens with Type 1 diabetes
Seaweed molecules used to improve outcomes for bypass surgery
Seaweed molecules are used to improve outcomes for bypass surgery
Scientists Awarded Grant from Chan Zuckerberg Initiative to Advance Understanding and Therapeutics for Rare Blood Vessel Disease
When FMD strikes family, so can abdominal aortic aneurysms
New goal in fight against heart disease
UConn Health is Planning for Tomorrow with Clinical Trials for Better Treatment of Lung Cancer
American Heart Association honors UK researcher’s impact on cardiovascular health
Magda’s Big Health Check cites AMA’s call for sugary drinks tax
New one-stop guideline for cardiovascular health in Canada
Sedentary lifestyle and sugary diet more detrimental to men
NIH-funded studies show damaging effects of vaping, smoking on blood vessels
Favine protein found to potentially protect against vascular disease
Advances made in UC research extending lives
Sheffield health-care researchers awarded £12 million to accelerate scientific discoveries into new medical treatments
Symptoms, quality of life important to guide treatment for peripheral artery disease
Older class of type 2 diabetes drugs linked to 22% reduced dementia risk
Fewer Asian, Black, Hispanic Patients Eligible for Drugs That May Delay Alzheimer’s Progression
Fewer Asians, Blacks, Hispanics eligible for drugs that may delay Alzheimer’s progression
Medication Apremilast Leads to Fat Loss in People with Psoriasis
When macrophage digestion goes wrong
Adult ADHD linked to elevated risk of cardiovascular diseases
Adults need shots, too: Find out which vaccines are important for heart health