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UC Davis Health fixes baby’s heart defect using echocardiography-only strategy
Delivering new prevention and treatment approaches for heart disease with digital health 22 July
Delivering new prevention and treatment approaches for heart disease with digital health
World’s first cell therapy trial for post COVID-19 fibrotic lung disease
Discrimination, stress linked to poorer heart health in transgender, gender diverse adults
With photon-counting-detector CT, Mayo Clinic at forefront of CT imaging technology
US life expectancy took an alarming plunge amid pandemic
Sleep apnea worsens heart disease, yet often untreated
For first time, researchers visualize metabolic process at single-cell level
Research Commitment Elevating UConn’s Internal Medicine Residency
Adelaide uni leaders honoured for health research excellence
Queen’s Birthday Honour awarded to Professor for services to Vascular Surgery
Trouble sleeping? Cognitive impairment more likely later in life
Having trouble falling asleep predicts cognitive impairment in later life
AI could soon tell you, how often to see eye doctor
Calls for action to tackle heart disease in women
Having a healthier heart is associated with better problem-solving and reaction time
TGen-led study of 70,000 individuals links dementia to smoking and cardiovascular disease
Heart Health Checks to stay for another two years
$3.5 Million Grant Supports Effort Led by Penn Medicine to Diversify Alzheimer’s Disease Research
Novel coronavirus’ spike protein plays additional key role in illness
Australian researchers drive global call to action to tackle world’s leading cause of death
New type of cell contributes to increased understanding of ALS
UC group launches clinical trial using CRISPR to correct sickle cell disease gene defect
UC Consortium Launches First Clinical Trial Using CRISPR to Correct Gene Defect That Causes Sickle Cell Disease
NTU Singapore, Brown and MIT team develops artificial intelligence platform to assess blood vessel anomalies and eye disease
Conformational Equilibria in GPCRs provides critical clues about activation mechanisms
Banning all gay men from donating blood is unscientific and wrong, say AIDS research pioneers
New children’s clinic to revolutionise diabetic eye treatment
Health charities back vaccines drive for those at risk
Zinc could be key to new diabetes treatments
UK charities join together to boost vaccine drive
Stoic Venture Capital biopharmaceutical investee company Exonate begins clinical trials of eye drop treatment for retinal vascular
Hyper-intense white matter in brain found in frontotemporal dementia
Revolutionary eye drop trial starts for common eye diseases
First patient dosed with a new eye drop to treat one of leading causes of blindness
Heart patients to benefit from new technology
Virtual kidney transplant evaluation allows patients to be evaluated from home
Aboriginal women share their stories on keeping heart strong
La Trobe Financial Cardiac Catheterisation Unit opens at Epworth Richmond
Heart and kidney disease research wins national funding
Ohio State Tests Novel Drug Delivery System For COVID-19 Patients
Researchers model how novel coronavirus causes severe symptoms of COVID-19
Specific and Rapid Expansion of Blood Vessels
Winston-Salem vascular surgeon Dr. Julie A. Freischlag is new ACS President-Elect
Council lights up Riverlinks Eastbank, Monash Park tree and Mooroopna tower in support of National Amputee
Decoding genetics that drive disease
Optimal detection and treatment of cardiac risk could save millions of lives and billions of pounds