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JCU researchers investigate potential treatment for walking impairment due to blocked arteries
Yale IDs test to detect blood vessel injury, predict survival in COVID-19
Researchers ID test that detects injury, predicts survival in COVID-19
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Australian Space Agency funds locally-designed space suits
Traditional care and modern testing to combine in new Aboriginal health research collaboration
New Nanoparticle Drug Combination For Atherosclerosis
Multi-ethnic study suggests vitamin K may offer protective health benefits in older age
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$29 million to tackle Nation’s biggest killers
How a microRNA protects vascular integrity
Collagen-mediated control of PEDF availability
UC Davis Health identifies biomarker for early blood vessel damage due to sickle cell anemia
New discovery could help monitor inflammation in heart disease and SARS-like diseases
Rhythm and timing for brain and body
Heart study debunks meat metabolite myth
Etv2-and Fli1-Induced Vascular Progenitor Cells Enhance Functional Recovery
Commission on Human Medicines advice on ibuprofen and coronavirus
COVID-19 caution for remote communities
Engineered capillaries model traffic in tiny blood vessels