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Around Air Force: AMC’s Record Flight, Outstanding Feat of Airmanship, Vermont F-35s in Europe
Virtual immune system roadmap unveiled
Absentee farmer fined $25,000 for animal cruelty to cattle
Vermont ANG F-35s join NATO’s enhanced air policing mission
Deputy Secretary of Defense Dr. Kathleen Hicks’ Meeting With Austrian Federal Minister of Defense Klaudia Tanner
President Biden and Vice President Harris Reduce High-Speed Internet Costs for Millions of Americans
Election advocacy pays off
Nature helps mental health, research says-but only for rich, white people?
Research reveals offshore wind could drive down energy costs in New England, US
Research reveals offshore wind could drive down energy costs in New England
White House Announces Additional $385 Million to Lower Home Energy Bills for American Families
Ocean life may adapt to climate change, but with hidden costs
‘cautionary tale’ about location tracking
Cereal fiber but not fruit or vegetable fibers are linked with lower inflammation
Penn Medicine Study: Pulse Oximeters Did Not Change Outcomes for Patients in Covid Monitoring Program
Biden Administration Accelerates Whole-of-Government Effort to Prevent, Detect, and Treat Long COVID
Secret to better coffee? birds and bees
Research reveals what it takes to make society change for better
25 happiest U.S. city park systems, ranked by scientists
Follow-up prevents repeat ED visits for kids with asthma
Half of all women experience false positive mammograms after 10 years of annual screening
Ocean life may adapt to climate change, but with hidden costs
Exposure to phthalates – ‘everywhere chemical’ – may increase children’s cancer risk
WHAT THEY ARE SAYING: State, Local, and Tribal Leaders Celebrate First Anniversary of American Rescue Plan
AFWERX Agility Prime program, BETA Technologies make history with first Airman flight of electric aircraft
Watershed size plays major role in filtering pollutants, researchers find
EPA restores California’s vehicle emissions waiver helping drive electric vehicle transition – Climate Group responds
More ‘losers’ than ‘winners’ among plants in age of humans
Reserve, Guard senior leaders discuss capabilities, challenges at AFA Warfare Symposium
Council to investigate Heritage Overlay for ‘Ramsay St’
Potential impacts of emerald ash borer on wildlife in black ash wetlands
How Politics, Society and Tech Shape Path of Climate Change
How politics, society, and tech shape path of climate change
Geneticists close to grasping how plant communities may adapt to climate change
Caltech Remembers Longtime Mathematics Professor Richard Dean
Designs to be developed for new Melbourne parklands
New discovery shows long-term viability of stem cell derived retinal implant
Nominations Sent to Senate 1 February
Where legal, voting by those in prison is rare, study shows
Marine species can cling together to buy time during climate warming
2021 was Northeast’s third-warmest year since 1895
Missing woman Kirsten
U.S. President Biden’s Remarks at COVID- 19 Response Team’s Regular Call With National Governors Association
Police arrest man after drugs, weapons and exotic birds found
Traumatic Injury Response Characterized for First Time on Cellular Level
President Biden Announces New Actions to Protect Americans and Help Communities and Hospitals Battle Omicron
MRNA Covid vaccines preferred; vaccination is number one protection against serious Covid infection, death
Press Gaggle by Press Secretary Jen Psaki En Route Orangeburg, SC