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New poll shows most South Koreans reject eating dog meat
Non-compliant puppy factories targeted through new RSPCA NSW taskforce
Lily barn owl reveals how birds fly in gusty winds
New lab test clarifies potential protective effects of COVID-19 antibodies
Animal health research boost for University of Calgary
Sussex joins consortium to create innovative Centre for Doctoral Training and help transform UK Food Systems
World Food Day 2020: IAEA & FAO’s Joint Work Benefits Farmers and Increases Food Security Worldwide
New global programme to target COVID-19 neurological disease
Housing order ends in Golden Plains Shire
2020 Spring aerial wild dog baiting program
Baby bobcat rallies after hip surgery
Fossil footprints tell story of prehistoric parent’s journey
UW to Implement Enhanced COVID-19 Testing Program Monday
New study highlights risks associated with sequential infection of influenza followed by COVID-19
Deer captured in CBD
In Seychelles, Nuclear Science Helps Safeguard Consumers
In Seychelles, Nuclear Science Helps Safeguard Consumers
Cornell unites science and policy to end hunger
UO student’s curiosity catches basket stars breathing
Clydesdale horse rescued after falling five metres down
Study upends understanding about joint injuries
Poultry farmers and pet bird keepers urged to prepare for winter avian flu
First scientific description of a previously unknown Streptococcus species of Chacoan peccaries
Ceres2030 offers path to ending world hunger within decade
Summary of Council’s 12 October Ordinary Meeting
Learning lessons from bushfires for koala survival
Pollack announces residence hall namings in annual address
Struggling Sea Lions May Benefit from UCSF Neuroscience Research
Senior OMCG member charged over attempting to access child abuse material
Ms Lisa Croft appointed as APVMA Chief Executive Officer
Study finds fungal disease of snakes in 19 states, Puerto Rico
Feline friendly? How to build rap-paw with your cat – new psychology study
First relatives of rubella virus discovered in bats in Uganda and mice in Germany
Emmanuelle Charpentier honoured with 2020 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
Spotlight shines on South Australian training success stories
AVA supports greater investment in mental health
Sea lions of Kangaroo Island under threat
Free microchip pop up clinics to spark paws-itive pup power
RSPCA Victoria launches virtual pet first aid course
RNA analysis at heart of COVID-19 testing
Vice-Chancellor’s awards showcase impact and engagement during pandemic
Puppy growth monitoring tool could help keep obesity in check
First rehoming of laboratory dogs in Finland was successful but required a great deal of work
Police charge man over stabbing of French Bulldogs – Edmondson Park
October is Black History Month – What’s Going On?
Ancient rites of cell death revealed
Cornell, Cayuga Health donate COVID testing to ICSD
Pet program helps ensure happy and healthy dogs