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Antioxidants in corn line could aid human IBD protection, therapy
Opportunities in Middle East
Call for immunology to return to wild
World Bank Financing to Help Kazakhstan Unleash Full Potential of its Livestock Industry
Pandemic injects new urgency into coronavirus collaborations
Successful wildlife rehabilitator grant recipients announced
ABF pups are looking for foster carer homes
Global rankings underpin Lot Fourteen’s digital ecosystem
TRACE results suggest 3.4% of Newport community infected with SARS-CoV-2
Pain-relief required when mulesing sheep
WSU vets put this cat back on track
Research is world class
Dogs, thunderstorms and fireworks: fear is real
Scientists have developed a new smart testing device for Covid-19
Continuing excellence for Sydney in ARWU subject ranking
Wyoming INBRE Receives $17.2 Million NIH Grant to Continue Biomedical Research, Education
Forming genitals in boys requires complex dance between genes and hormones
Dounreay cash reaches groups in need during Coronavirus lockdown
Experts raise concerns over UK government’s “game-changing” antibody testing strategy
Human interactions with wild and farmed animals must change dramatically to reduce risk of another deadly pandemic
Reducing lameness in dairy cattle – managing in wet conditions
Scientists make step forward in development of COVID-19 animal vaccines
Safety first as Armidale Regional Airport readies for security screening & further enhancement
Hamsters develop protective immunity to COVID-19 and are protected by convalescent sera
International study indicates shift to raw/home-made food diet for pets over past decade
Detection of ehrlichiosis in Northern Territory dogs
Cruelty reports relating to miniature pony in Lismore, NSW
UConn Researchers Overcome a Vexing Problem in Vaccine Research
Oregon State University expands coronavirus prevalence study to Newport
Tuberculosis spread from animals to humans greater than previously thought
IAEA Launches Initiative to Help Prevent Future Pandemics
Avian Influenza UK disease-free with continued vigilance required
Group testing could screen entire US, research suggests
A compound unlike any other
UConn Researcher Talks Vaccine Realities in an Unprecedented Time
Fourth weekend of TRACE sampling in Corvallis will take place June 13-14
High doses of ketamine can temporarily switch off brain, say researchers
Increase in animal abuse reports during COVID-19 shut down period
Veterinarians recognised in Queen’s Birthday Honours
Izumiya, Tuscano, and Siefkes receive grants to advance innovative solutions with commercial potential
Reunion panel discusses value of ‘One Health’ approach
Three questions to Olli Peltoniemi on One Health
A rare heart bone is discovered in Chimpanzees
Severity appeal allowed for Wyong man convicted of aggravated animal cruelty
Bond between humans and dogs strengthened by COVID-19
Many factors may contribute to steep, decades-long muskrat population drop
Pursuing a pathogen: building on a century of research
Parasitic disease affecting donkeys is detected in UK for first time