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Veterinary practice premises temporary change of premises
SQPs temporarily allowed to prescribe and authorise supply of veterinary medicines remotely
All VMD inspections postponed due to coronavirus
Information for animal owners and vets about COVID-19
OSU Veterinary Diagnostic Lab produces critical COVID-19 test component for Oregon hospitals
WSU laboratory begins limited testing for COVID-19 virus
Examining past, present and future of COVID-19 pandemic
IAEA to Ship Vital Testing Equipment to Countries in Fight against COVID-19
Fall armyworm detected in NT
Launch of Wildlife Health Center moves science into action
Master of Public Health program gets full accreditation
COVID-19 sample submission guidance for VICs and PME centres
Antiviral used to treat cat coronavirus could hold key to COVID-19
Opinion: Can cats really get or pass on COVID-19, as a report from Belgium suggests?
Keeping Tasmanians safe and secure – Stay Home, Save Lives
Sale of ASX-listed veterinary services business
Cornell Dairy helps replenish P&C Fresh milk stock
Iowa State University prepares to volunteer critical equipment to health care professionals fighting
WA travel restrictions come into place from midnight Tuesday
Recognise and support animal care as an essential service: Greens
ISU-UI collaboration accelerates testing of COVID-19 samples
A battle plan for insuring global food supplies during COVID-19 crisis
Post-Transition period action deadlines extended
Study shows how diligent we have to be to keep surfaces germ-free
Vets call for ‘essential service’ designation during pandemic
Iowa State’s Nanovaccine Institute looks for new ways to protect public health
Lead poisoning in livestock
AVA President Julia Crawford video message: companion animals and COVID-19
UC Davis researchers race to develop coronavirus solutions
COVID-19 – Export Pathway – Arrangements and Response
Once unable to walk, this Siberian Husky is now running laps around hearts of his new owners
COVID-19 working group gears up
Some good news: Livestock and poultry appear to be safe from COVID-19
Cornell’s sixth Giving Day nets more than $7M
Launch of a new charity to improve veterinary medicines regulation worldwide
VMD remains open for business
Cambridge research team working towards vaccine against COVID-19
Graziers warned to beware of phalaris toxicity
Animal and Plant Health Agency receives £1.4 billion budget boost for world-leading Weybridge
New members appointed to Rural Assistance Authority board
Illawong man convicted for multiple cruelty offences towards pet dogs
Cone of Shame makes pets miserable
Riverland woman convicted for chronic neglect of two dogs
Facility to boost research into animal and human health
Researchers working on mastitis test that could save milk producers millions
Vets: No evidence that pets play a role in human coronavirus
Nonthermal plasma can inactivate airborne viral threat to pigs
Disturbed retinal gene function underlying canine blindness