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SARS-CoV-2 goes ‘underground’ to spread from cell to cell
Grants fund drug development for devastating tropical diseases
$11.5 million commitment supports new Alzheimer’s prevention clinical trial
New Alzheimer’s prevention trial in young people
Pathway emerges
De Fer named director of Division of General Medicine
NIH research funding to School of Medicine continues explosive expansion in 2021
For children, young adults with recurrent AML, immunotherapy reveals promise
Greater odds of overall satisfaction three months after lumbar fusion when surgery is minimally invasive
Asthmacould help lower risk of brain tumors: but how?
Covey, Milbrandt, Moran named to National Academy of Inventors
Drug compound makes pancreatic cancer cells more vulnerable to chemo
Taking antiviral aim at Covid-and possible future viruses
Prenatal, early-life influences on child brain development focus of new study
Ultrashort-pulse lasers kill bacterial superbugs, spores
Covid vaccine elicits weak antibody response in people taking immunosuppressant
Optimized second-generation mRNA vaccine demonstrated improved protection against Covid in preclinical testing
Persistent, distressing psychotic-like experiences associated with impairment in youth
Persistent, distressing psychotic-like experiences linked to impairment in youth
Nanoparticle T cell engagers for treatment of acute myeloid leukemia
Noninvasive brain biopsy reveals improved sensitivity in tumor detection
New technique may lead to safer stem cell transplants
International Alzheimer’s clinical trial to test two drugs in combination
New strategy against treatment-resistant prostate cancer identified
Popular heart failure drug no better than older drug in sickest patients
Cho receives NIH grants
Research observes worse Covid vaccine response in patients taking glucocorticoids or B-cell therapies
$15 million gift to strengthen life science education, research across university
Woodard named outstanding researcher by radiology society
Eight researchers receive Longer Life Foundation awards
Morris receives grant for stem cell research
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Selects Medical Schools as Partners for Key Anti-Racism Initiative
Philip receives NIH grant for neuroscience research
Hit sleep ‘sweet spot’ to keep brain sharp
Drug helps sensory neurons regrow in mouse central nervous system
Research finds potential new strategy to combat urinary tract infections
African American breast cancer patients less likely to receive genetic counseling, testing
So-called junk DNA plays critical role in mammalian development
Emotional aspects of chronic pain isolated in brain circuitry
International search focused on scientific achievement, commitment to HMS values
Common respiratory virus manipulates immune genes to protect itself
Antiviral compound blocks Covid from entering cells
Creed honored for research involving mood, chronic pain, substance use
Sleep disorder linked to neurodegeneration is focus of $35 million USD grant
Schmidt recognized for contributions to neuropathology
Diabetes research center receives $4.3 million NIH grant
Blood marker could help ID those at risk of debilitating peripheral artery disease
Most cases of never-smokers’ lung cancer treatable with mutation-targeting drugs