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Microbes can degrade toughest PFAS
Coronavirus update for Victoria 21 May 2022
Imperial partners with laboratory in DR Congo for Rapid Polio detection
Wastewater treatment process produces “greener” ammonia
Helping rain stay where it lands
We want to work with you to improve your wastewater system
Schneider Electric and AVEVA digitise Kunming CGE Water Supply to Improve Safety and Sustainability
Ecological functions of streams and rivers severely affected globally
We’re spending $54 million on water and sewer
Coronavirus update for Victoria 14 May 2022
Effectively removing emerging contaminants in wastewater treatment plants
Fashion faux pas: fashion trends are costing environment
Changes to Environment Protection Act
Researchers Fabricate Filter with Waste Maize Straw for Efficient Phosphate Removal
Canada and FCM support strengthened asset management in Manitoba communities
Technology upgrades help Western Newfoundland businesses to modernize and grow
Coronavirus update for Victoria 6 May 2022
Risk of lower groundwater levels in northern Sweden with warmer climate
What is dead zone?
Coronavirus update for Victoria 29 April 2022
Government supports extra housing development
Canada and Saskatchewan invest in 24 infrastructure projects across province
Pathogens can hitch ride on plastic to reach sea
Cheaper hydrogen fuel cell could mean better green energy options
Toilet to tap – How are we able to safely drink water we’ve flushed?
Membrane bioreactor performs better than conventional activated sludge process in techno-economy
Coronavirus level in wastewater lowest in four months
Canada and Prince Edward Island invest in new water and wastewater infrastructure for three communities
Landmark new technology to improve efficiency of sewer system surveys
New murals enliven two city pump stations
Canada and Prince Edward Island invest in improved water and wastewater infrastructure for Cornwall
Water Processing: Light Helps Degrade Hormones
Council raises concern over Plasrefine proposal
$6 million investment completes final phase of wastewater treatment upgrade
Building Calstock’s resilience to climate change
Chemistry lab’s focus on plastics inspires Earth Day cleanup
Coronavirus update for Victoria 15 April 2022
National Cheng Kung University researchers present new solution for wastewater remediation
Nanoparticles could enable more sensitive and durable rapid Covid test
How re-loving our clothes can help climate crisis
Pervaporation membranes showed attractive property for alkaline wastewater reclamation
Covid household transmission is high, with children being significant source of spread
Measuring endocrine disruptors in wastewater
Research found clothes dryers are an overlooked source of airborne microfibers
Protecting our precious water supply
Thousands of tonnes of air pollution could be reduced by changing way we dry our laundry
Canada and industry announce new environmental measures for cruise ships
Critical water infrastructure upgrade for JBT