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Photocatalysts remove cancer-causing metals from wastewater
Improvements to Northern Wastewater Treatment Plant
Research Reveals Hazardous Aerosols from Contaminated Bubbles are Tinier Than Expected
New Hybrid Fuel Cell Generates Power and Purifies Water
Ultrasound Waves Could Remove Microplastics from Waterways
Meth buster laws to stop drug dealers at border
New Treatment Process Improves Biorefinery Sustainability
Chief Health Officer Update 24 March
Solving global sustainability challenges, locally
EPA Keeps North Geelong Creeks Free of Chemicals
Wood-based Tech Removes 80% of Dye Pollutants from Waste
Statement on World Water Day 2023
Newman Lab Pushes Limits at 75 with Accelerator Physics
Microbes Key to Unlocking Forever Chemicals from Fertilizer
EA Chair: Improving Water Supply Management
NASA Picks Contractor for Repairs and Maintenance
UK Freshwaters Polluted by Pet Flea & Tick Treatments
UK Freshwaters Polluted by Pet Flea & Tick Treatments
SAGO: New Covid Data from China CDC on GISAID
Canada, NS Invest in Wastewater/Water Upgrades
Chief Health Officer Update 17 March
Council Pilots Active Leak Detection Program
Advancing water treatment for sustainable future
Help reshape our water story
State Dedicates New US Embassy in Guatemala City
Canada Ends COVID-19 Testing for China Travelers
Water restored following main break – East Ballina
Infrastructure delivery is meeting development requirements
Australia’s Wastewater Analysis Sheds Light on Drug Use
Wastewater Analysis Uncovers Australia’s Drug Use
Research Finds Community Diet Impact on Wastewater Quality
Innovative Modification Boosts Bio-Electrochemical Waste Treatment
Canada, Nova Scotia Invest in Queens Water Upgrades
Residents of Town/District of Lunenburg to Benefit from Upgraded Infrastructure
Research of Nanoplastics Aids in Assessing Risks to People and Planet
New Trial Will Transform Wangaratta’s Green Waste Into Soil
Funding Flows for Brookton, Kondinin, and Merredin Water Supply
Chief Health Officer Update 10 March
Smoking rates surge during Covid
End of Covid predeparture requirement in China
Sydney Water Bills to Soar with Privatisation
Machine Learning Examined for Sustainable Biomass Development
Researchers report first visible-light cleavage of C-C and C-N bonds with silver photocatalyst
Snap EPA inspections for North Geelong industry
Maldon tourism operator applies for EPA Development Licence
Pond tragedy spurs call to do better
UK Gov’s Efficiency Drive to Save £1bn Annually
Snap EPA inspections for Bayswater industry