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Visually stunning tree of all known life unveiled online
Artificial intelligence favours white men under 40
Our computers are sexist towards male and female politicians
We’re not as smart as Google makes us think we are
NWO Open Science Fund awards six UvA projects
EPFL Wikipedia Project bolsters School’s online visibility
Scientists automate brain MRI image labeling, more than 100,000 exams labeled in under 30 minutes
Sperm migration in genital tract – computer simulations identify key factors for reproductive success
Why GameStop didn’t surprise economists
Fulbright scholar’s studies focus on evolution
How gaming industry justifies in-game gambling
New: Direct link to PDF for articles in CataloguePlus
Christian Porter’s defamation action: a slightly technical overview
Princeton’s tech policy clinic builds ‘virtuous loop’ of real-world research and learning
Plague year of 1710 was also a difficult year
Online edition of Insect Fear Film Festival to feature pandemic vectors: fleas
$1.3M funds research for a kinder, more inclusive internet
$2.82m donation brings new hope to those with chronic pain
Just like us – Neanderthal children grew and were weaned similar to us
Trump’s personality might have become too much for strong Republicans
Researchers uncover early results about an existing tuberculosis vaccine that has been hypothesized to help against
Understanding ‘deep-carbon cycle’
Political philosophy beyond contemporary debate
Infinite fun with infinite worlds
Novel insecticides offer sustainable options for fruit fly control
Maryna Viazovska, explorer of mathematical dimensions
‘Kangaroo Hop’ trend of ancient oceanic elements led to explosion of life
Using sunlight to save satellites from a fate of ‘space junk’
From clickbait to transparency: Reimagining online world
From clickbait to transparency
Prime Minister’s article in Telegraph 15 June 2020
Brain uses minimum effort to look for key information in text
COVID-19 era offers proving ground for new business models-for better or worse
Tracker helps social scientists coordinate COVID-19 response
‘CoronaCheck’ website combats spread of misinformation
Road salt harmful to native amphibians, new research shows
Citizen scientists deserve more credit, researchers argue
Monash research ranks in 2019 Altmetric Top 100
Data team creates map that plots witches’ plight
Leiden chemists discover exceptionally efficient catalyst for hydrogen peroxide production
An unforgettable year – Sans Forgetica turns one
Wikipedia edit-a-thon Oct. 6 to honor women in STEM
Immune response depends on mathematics of narrow escapes
Europe: Community or market?
Women in STEM: Dr Kate Dry
Support for returning researchers in Argentina
International Mens Day 19 November 2018