Three-legged Husky pup found on foreshore at Semaphore Park this month

RSPCA South Australia is seeking the public’s help to locate the owner of a Husky puppy, believed to be about four months old, found on the foreshore at Semaphore Park two weeks ago. Due to its condition, the puppy was sadly euthanased.

A woman walking her dog at 5.45am on Monday May 13 found the female puppy lying against a fence on the grass between the carpark and the beach. The puppy was on the lawned area close to Fort Glanville Conservation Park.

The woman has told RSPCA that at first she thought the puppy was a discarded plastic bag, until her dog approached the animal. The puppy then began to whimper so she immediately recalled her dog and – after seeing the animal’s condition – returned home to get her car.

The puppy was missing its hind right leg from the hock down. The amputation site appeared to be an old injury and was infected.

The puppy was clearly suffering from exposure to the cold weather. The woman brought the puppy home and wrapped her up. The puppy was not interested in food but drank a large quantity of water before being taken to a Semaphore vet.

She was place on IV fluids and given pain relief before an RSPCA South Australia Rescue Officer collected her. The puppy was taken into the care of RSPCA SA’s veterinary team. Unfortunately, xrays revealed the puppy had a spinal fracture as well as the limb injury and her prognosis was poor, so she was humanely euthanased.

What caused the injuries is unknown.

The woman who found the puppy has told RSPCA that she walks her dog twice a day along the Semaphore foreshore and had never seen the puppy before.

“It is a very sad outcome, and we would like to know what happened to this poor animal that she would end up in this condition in this location,” RSPCA SA Chief Inspector Andrea Lewis said.

“We are confident that someone owned this dog, she was not underfed, and we encourage anyone who has any information to contact us.”

Anyone with information in regards to this case is urged to contact RSPCA on: 1300 4 777 22

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