Tusmore Wading Pool Review

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The Tusmore Park wading pool has been popular with families, particularly those with toddler-aged children, for many years. However, at 52 years old it has reached the end of its useful life and is due for review. In recent times, closures of the pool have become more frequent due to the ageing infrastructure, its design and a number of other factors which contribute to health related risks.

There is an opportunity for the community to provide feedback to help Council determine the future of this space – this could include having the same pool fully refurbished, a similar water-themed play area with different features, or, something else entirely.

There are three high-level options available:

Fully refurbish the existing wading pool.

Upgrade the wading pool to a different water-themed facility.

Other – remove the wading pool and install a new feature which is not water related.

To continue reading and to have your say, please visit engage.burnside.sa.gov.au

Come to a Pool Party

Saturday 14 March, 11 am – 1 pm

Tusmore Park Wading Pool, Stirling Street

Free barbecue, ice blocks and soft drinks

Share your ideas on the future of Tusmore Wading Pool

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