Video: plane wobbles scarily in Amsterdam landing

You can only imagine what this must have been like on board unless you are that type of traveller who falls asleep before take-off and is shaken awake by a flight attendant after landing.

In the footage uploaded to YouTube by plane spotter Splinter (17Splinter) on the weekend, Dutch flag carrier KLM’s 777-300ER is seen wobbling as pilots attempted to skilfully guide it to the runway at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport.

The pilots of the KLM flight from Osaka have been praised on social media for their skills to safely land the aircraft in such stormy conditions.

Storms and gale force winds with gusts exceeding 120 km an hour lashed the city and dozens of flights were delayed or cancelled.

The Netherlands meteorological service said the winds were the strongest since records began in 1901 and issued a “code red” alert, the highest warning in the color code system.