What’s new this month on ADA’s CPD Portal?

The CPD Cycle is in its final year!

The current CPD cycle ends on Saturday 30 November 2019. All dentists must complete a minimum of 60 hours of continuing professional development activity in during every three year CPD cycle. Members can plan their final year’s activity by accessing the ADA Calendar which features courses and workshops of individual branches. You can also visit your branch’s website to learn more. Your ADA membership entitles you to hundreds of hours of online CPD on demand, ready for you to learn at the CPD Portal. And all your CPD is you consume on the Portal is automatically tracked by Your Logbook – it is so easy!

What’s new to watch this month?

PharmaAdvice interview series episode 3: Anti-thrombotics

Many patients with a cardiovascular disorder, including coronary heart disease, cerebrovascular disease, atrial fibrillation and venous thromboembolic disease, take antiplatelet and/or anticoagulant drugs. The key issue with patients taking an anticoagulant or antiplatelet drug is the balance between the increased risk of bleeding from a wound if the drug is not stopped before surgery and the risk of a thromboembolic event if the drug is stopped before surgery. The emphasis in the past has been on minimising bleeding; however, a thromboembolic event is potentially much more serious.

New webinars

HR update 2019, Dr Dominic Aouad interviews Adele Granata an ADA HR advisory expert

The modern workplace is changing significantly and the need to keep pace has never been more important in a compliance focused environment. Workplace relations and HR practices saw a number of significant developments, which we suspect will continue well into this election year, which will impact on practice owners and employed dentists alike. This webinar focuses on the practical outcomes and workplace implications for both employees and employers.

Members can access the ADA HR service on this phone number 1300 232 462 or by email at [email protected]

Everyday ergonomics for dentists webinar with Dr Peter Norton and Mr Kris Caloia BachAppSc (EXSS), AEP, Masters (Physiotherapy)

Dentists generally know the principles of ergonomics (posture, symmetry, exercise, frequent breaks, work-life balance), but in day-to-day practice, those principles often lose out to the other pressures of dentistry (running to time, anxious patients, profitability. This webinar aims to refresh dentists’ awareness of ergonomic principles, and provide practical tips that can be incorporated into everyday dental practice. The webinar can also explore lesser acknowledged ergonomic challenges, such as hearing damage.

With demonstrations showing the dentist’s default posture and positioning, and then the instructor-corrected situation, with explanations as to why a change in posture was necessary. Exercises and stretches that are aimed at relieving, reversing and preventing the musculoskeletal damage of day-to-day dentistry. This webinar serves as a ready reference for dentists.

/ADA Public Release. View in full here.