Zeus Launches First-of-Its-Kind Program That Targets Competition

– Medical Device Manufacturers Are Encouraged To “Switch Suppliers and Save”

Zeus Industrial Products, Inc. (Zeus), a leading polymer extrusion manufacturer and material science innovator, launched a first-of-its-kind program that appeals to medical device manufacturers who are using peelable heat shrink tubing and etched liners from competing suppliers. The “Switch Suppliers and Save” program provides an opportunity to try Zeus heat shrink products at no cost.

Zeus’ FluoroPEELZ(R) peelable heat shrink is the featured product in the “Switch Suppliers and Save” program, offering the highest clarity – a result of patented technology developed by Zeus. Currently, Zeus has only licensed its clear peelable heat shrink technology to a single company worldwide. The single licensee of Zeus’ patented technology is primarily using the technology for its own internal supply.

Zeus respects other parties’ intellectual property rights and accordingly takes other parties’ encroachment of Zeus’ patent rights seriously. Any other supplier offering clear peelable heat shrink is encroaching on Zeus’ patent rights. Companies who have obtained peelable heat shrink from unlicensed suppliers could experience a disruption in that supply, due to potential re-qualification of a non-transparent heat shrink formulation. Conversely, Zeus provides certainty with respect to continuous supply and the appropriate rights to clear peelable heat shrink.

FluoroPEELZ is also Class VI medical grade approved. When combined with Zeus’ etched liner products, medical device manufacturers are able to accelerate production, increase yield, and improve safety during the catheter construction process.

The “Switch Suppliers and Save” program incentivizes manufacturers who are ready to transition to a better supplier, and in turn achieve cost savings by bundling complementary products. This program simplifies the transition process by minimizing the risk associated with switching suppliers and helping buyers, engineers, and manufacturers justify the decision to do so.

Companies that qualify for the program will receive:

— A FREE custom run

— Up to 50% off Zeus’ list/minimum order quantity price on up to two

repeat validation orders

— Preferred pricing when companies bundle both Zeus heat shrink and etched


By participating in the program, manufacturers will also gain access to collaborate with Zeus staff applications scientists to ensure that the custom products developed by Zeus satisfy your specific requirements.

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